Order ativan overnight

By | 13.03.2018

order ativan overnight

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  1. Douhn

    This drug is highly addictive and due to it being short-acting, it is nearly impossible to wean off of this drug in a conventional manner. It is very effective in relieving anxiety, but should not be taken for any extended period of time or you will be hooked into an agonizing withdrawal. To get off of this short-acting drug without the painful withdrawal, switch to a long acting benzo like diazepam that is available in multiple and larger doses and can be cut into smaller amounts to wean off gradually.

  2. Nabar

    I've been taking a year. Works well for me to decrease the nausea and remove the intensity. No side effects while on it. However, there was one day I went without it and drank alcohol. I experienced a very severe panic attack and the effects lasted for 4 hours. So I would imagine coming off this later will be a process. I do not plan on stopping for at least another year. Worth noting I do not drink anymore, so if alcohol is a part of your life, you have to take that into consideration as to how much you can drink (if any) and how you will feel as a result.

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