Cod overnight ativan and alcohol

By | 18.07.2017

cod overnight ativan and alcohol

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Cod overnight ativan and alcohol - medicine

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4 thoughts on “Cod overnight ativan and alcohol

  1. Samunris

    I used to end up in the ER at least twice a week because I always thought that I was having a heart attack or dying.. After getten test and xrays done to find nothing wrong.. I as referred to a dr that deals with Anxiety problems.. I was prescibed 0.5 mg of the Ativan and it has worked great. I take one in the morning and it relaxes me all day long.. And I dont feel addicted to it...

  2. Kijind

    When my mother died very unexpectedly, Ativan was the only thing that kept me sane. I only used it for a short time, but it was wonderful all the same.

  3. Kizragore

    This drug is pure brain damage. It feels great at first but if you take this drug everyday for just one month you will lose your short term memory and when you get off the drug your anxiety will be permanently worse and your muscles will be much more tense and rigid then you ever thought possible and your memory will never be as good. DON'T TAKE THIS DRUG MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK! OTHERWISE IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE!

  4. Doshakar

    I took a M.D. prescribed dose of 1 to 2mg daily for 4.5 years due to job related stress. Its now 6 years later and I'm just finishing up a long, uncomfortable, slow withdrawal from this stuff. The drug is highly addictive and is, along with all benzodiazapines, very difficult to quit. Do yourself a favor if you are considering taking this stuff and do a Google search on Ativan withdrawal. Read the results carefully. This stuff only works for a while and then you need to updose to avoid interdose withdrawal. Take it from one who has suffered, stay away from this stuff,

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