Buy free overnight pharmacy generic ativan pics of las vegas

By | 30.09.2017

buy free overnight pharmacy generic ativan pics of las vegas

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2 thoughts on “Buy free overnight pharmacy generic ativan pics of las vegas

  1. Zolokus

    I've been taking low dose Ativan for years. It worked well for my anxiety. Although it seems to wear off extremely fast. I actually split the pill in two, take a half before bed, and take the other half when I wake up at night. The only problem is after my old doctor retired, I found nobody would prescribe it. All the newer doctors would rather give out anti-depressant. I had to quit taking it cold turkey last month. Now I'm on an anti-depressant and some strong sleeping pills in order to get enough sleep. The results are inconsistent. Some nights I get only 3 or 4 hours, some nights I sleep 10 hours and still feel tired. I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble. Ativan was so cheap that it didn't matter I don't have insurance.

  2. Daizil

    I've been on many medications for my clinical depression since my teens. Finally, when the SRIs came out, I started Prozac, and found it help my overall mood, but, it had no effect on the sometimes debilitating worried feelings I've felt since child hood. After my divorce,I had a total mental collapse, with all of the terrifying and overwhelming physical and irrational mind trauma that accompanies a classic "panic attack". My Psych/Doc said at first to rest a few days and the total withdrawal from daily hassles and stresses, might make this terrifying event subside, or stop altogether. It did not!!! I was soon diagnosed with Gen. Anxiety Disorder(at age 27, now 38), and have been on ativan and prozac since. I'm no fool, and i know I am 100% dependent on this med. But The worst thing about this med is that it works. And it works so well on my condition that I am prepared to take it until either a magic psychiatrist casts a spell or waves a wand that stops these feelings, or it's time for my "dirt nap". I am 6'1" and 245 and have slowly built a tolerance. I now take prozac 40mg in the AM, and 1mg ativan twice daily, and 1 take a 2mg ativan in the AM. These meds aren't a magic bullet, and I still have problems in life like everyone, but at least i can function pretty normally, and can sleep well knowing how to keep that dragon in my head at bay.

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