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By | 15.11.2017

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3 thoughts on “Buy cheap ativan utah ut

  1. Dizragore

    I suffer from extreme anxiety/panic disorder and had been using xanax for years to calm me. When the doctor changed it to ativan I almost lost my mind. It altered my mind and separated my body from my mind. I had tried it for several weeks to give it a chance to work.It was the worst and scariest drug experience I've ever had.I thought I had to go in the mental institution. I was taken to the emergency room by ambulance. Now, I am back on xanax along with zoloft and also seeing a wonderful LCSW and I am blessed to be 100% better.

  2. Kajind

    given this medication for extreme anxiety. i use when needed 2 mg. about 4 times a week. helps instantly. i would not recommend driving a car on it though, overall on it 2 years no and no complaints.

  3. Meztira

    Hi everyone, this is not a review as much as it i'm trying to acquire information about dosage withdrawal for my mother. My mom never had any issues before, till she started complaining about noise in her ears and that she can't sleep, so the doctor prescibed Lorazepam for her. She started with 1 mg, but 2 months after she said that it's no longer affecting, so the doctor increased the dosage to 2mg, 4 months after taking this on a daily basis, she started to change and look like she's sleepy, tired, exhausted, barely talks, so we decided to stop he'd medication and find an alternative, but she started the withdraw by taking less dosage foe 2 weeks and she's off the medicine. Now she's really bad, she doesn't feel good, confused, throw up, can't sleep at night, anything bothers her and she's super sensitive and anything would make her cry, so any advice anyone on what we can do of her? Advices appreciated. Thanks

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