Buy ativan faq games cheats

By | 29.12.2017

buy ativan faq games cheats

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4 thoughts on “Buy ativan faq games cheats

  1. Bazil

    I took too much Ativan which gave me delusions and super depressive thoughts. Stay away from pharmaceutical drugs.

  2. Bami

    Excellent medicine, I take it only as needed but beware, for me at least, massive and rapid weight gain has occurred on it, I was a consistent 130 pounds for the last 3 years, within a month of starting it I've gained 25 pounds. Which for me is great, I needed the weight gain, for others though, take caution in this. For me this drug has been phenomenal and I can take it once and feel good for days.

  3. Stanley

    This response is for the person whose Doctor won't prescribe Ativan because it's an old drug. I went to a psychiatrist and that's the med he prescribed for me to help me sleep through the night. It had been 3 months since I'd slept more the 6 hours and usually it was 4 hours each night. Ambien got me to sleep but wouldn't keep me asleep. My PCP prescribed trazadone and that was horrific. She then prescribed doxepin and that sedated me but never put me to sleep. After 3 months of this my PCP said for me to go to a psychiatrist to hear my symptoms and prescribe the right med. he got it spot on. By the second night I was sleeping like a baby and able to naps during the if I felt sleepy. I have gotten myself back. I also take Zoloft

  4. Gale

    i have been on Ativan for 9 years now, to help control my anxiety/panic disorder. I have tried other medications, and were allergic to most, so this works best for me. The worst fear i have ,is that i am afraid my doctor will try to take me off this medicine. Seems they always want me to try something else. I am comfortable with the Ativan. If I have to take it the rest of my life, I will feel safe ntaking this medicine, because no other has helped me. I can function properly everyday,and I know Ativan has been around for many years. I trust Ativan, and my worst fear is not being able to have doctor prescribe it for me,for I know I will have serious withdrawls.I thank God for Ativan, and the therapy that is out there to help me live my life normally.

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