Buy cheap ativan minnesota

By | 08.04.2018

buy cheap ativan minnesota

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3 thoughts on “Buy cheap ativan minnesota

  1. Moogubar

    My Dr. at the time put me on Ativan, It worked great, was on it for more than 29 yrs, then he retired and his daughter took over his practice, she wouldn't give ativan any more, so I had to go to a shrink to be taken off of it, it took months. I would love to be back on ativan, it worked so good for me. So if your Dr. puts you on it make sure if it works for you, that he or she won't take you aff of it.

  2. Fer

    I love this drug. It helps to calm me down and keep me level headed even in times of extreme stress. I honestly can not live without it.

  3. Kejar

    It helps me with my panic attacks and calms my nerves i get very nerves around other people the side effect is i get very sleepy

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