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By | 20.09.2017

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(alprazolam): Order ativan no prescripton georgia macon

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2 thoughts on “Order ativan no prescripton georgia macon

  1. Golticage

    just dont use it its a bad pill hooks you dont work for long then you keep uping your mgs then it takes you over then you in hell and no way back take me over 1 mo to get off it and get this it can kill you trying to get off it nice ha dont do it man bad pill bad news man ok good luck take from me you dont wont this bye

  2. Kezilkree

    I have been using this for about 10 months now. I started it on an as needed basis for my severe panic attacks 0.5 mil which worked great and stopped my panic instantly. But over time I have upped my dose to the point where I take 2 mil. everyday. This is extremely addictive but like I said it works great for my panic.

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