Order ativan no prescripton maine me

By | 17.05.2018

order ativan no prescripton maine me

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Order ativan no prescripton maine me - benzodiazepine class

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Also: Order ativan no prescripton maine me

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4 thoughts on “Order ativan no prescripton maine me

  1. JoJojin

    I have been on benzos for 20 years mainly xanax for 17 years untill 2 years ago when i stopped it cold turkey,,,since then flip flopping back and fourtht between the klonopin and ativan..i wss on ativan from may 09 till dec 09 and asj to try klonopin again,,,oh my God i sunk in deep depression,had to call on call dr he said stop teh klonippin go back on ativan i did had to up ativan to 1mg 4 times a dau and still bad so pharmsist said add back in 1.2 mg of klonopin twice a day along with the ativan im a wreck and my dr dropped me and i have an app with a new dr on thurs has anyone been on both ativan and klonopin? Im feeling way nervous and ill,im going to try to cut out 1/2 mg of klono tommorow

  2. Maulabar

    My Dr.put me on Ativan 12 years ago for anxiety.I was taking 2mg.4xs a day.I was never told you can become addicted to this drug.I have a new psychiatrist who filled me in about Ativan.I signed myself into the County hospital to be taken off of it.I am fully recovered now,2 weeks later.I have not felt this good in years.I am now wide eyed and present in my life.I missed out on years being unknowingly drugged up.Please keep yourself informed of the effects of this drug.It was the cause of my panic attacks the last year I was on it!

  3. Mazusida

    I take a 0.5 mg tablet for sleep. Works well with no apparent side effects. Used to have trouble getting back to sleep after middle of night bathroom break. Not a problem any more.

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