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By | 04.09.2017

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Ativan overnight no consultaras - take this

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3 thoughts on “Ativan overnight no consultaras

  1. Nakree

    Ativan at 0.5mg works for me. No side effects. I just feel calm. My doctor gave me a prescription for 1mg but that causes a drowsiness, which finds me napping and losing part of the day. So I am not going to take that strength. He said I could take the 0.5mg 2 to 3 times a day if necessary. I find twice a day is working well.

  2. Vukinos

    I've been taking generic Ativan as needed for a little over a year, it's usually effective in calming my anxiety and helping me sleep or relax, it also seems to help with muscle tension and soreness. I recently switched to the sublingual tablets because I found waiting a half hour for it to kick in was often really unpleasant. The downside of that is now I have tiny tiny tiny 1mg tablets, I'd usually break my 1mg tablets in half, but it's hard to do with these ones even with my tiny elf hands, and they're really easy to lose. I'm not sure if they last quite as long as the non-sublingual tablets, but they kick in much faster, usually only a few minutes. I find the side effects vary from day to day, occasional dizziness or unsteadiness, occasional mild hallucinations if I take more than 1mg at once, sometimes a really high sex drive, sometimes a really sad weird nostalgic feeling. It seems to increase the effects of alcohol, which sounds desirable but is almost always accompanied by extreme drowsiness. Also I think it might be making my hair fall out, but theres a lot of factors that could be contributing to that.

  3. Shakagor

    I have had problems falling asleep for many years. I had tried various other medicines, both over the counter and prescription, and nothing seemed to work - some didn't work at all, some helped me initially fall asleep but woke me up in the middle of the night, and others made me tired and feeling as if I were drugged the next morning. Then one day, my dentist prescribed one Ativan to take before bedtime the night before an extraction, and I actually fell asleep standing up! This is the first sleep medication that helps me initially fall asleep, sleep through the night, and doesn't make me feel tired the next day. Plus, it has the added benefit of helping to reduce my worry, anxiety, and stress that had always kept me from falling asleep before.

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