Ativan prescriptions walmart online

By | 04.02.2018

ativan prescriptions walmart online

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Law: Ativan prescriptions walmart online

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5 thoughts on “Ativan prescriptions walmart online

  1. Angel

    This drug has stopped the anxiety attacks I used to have. I only take it as needed and did not become dependent on it.

  2. Digrel

    With proper dosing, i.e.,enough mgs, Ativan works very well in controlling my irritability and anxiety. The only temporary, mild side-effects that occurred were a slight lack of motivation, slight feelings of disorientation, which these dissipated quickly.

  3. Vuramar

    I was put on this drug 30 years ago ! I am on 3mg a night and so far it hasn't done anything wrong to me as everyone seems to react with horror when I tell them I'm on it.I can't sleep without it , I have never needed more (a higher dose ) I don't feel out of it/woozy/confused , it does it's job .The only time I ever take a slightly higher dose is when I have to fly- I hate flying but Lorazepam makes it possible.Doctors are shocked when I tell them how long I've been on it but there have been no long term studies on this drug so they are curious at first .I don't know if it causes addiction - I have never been able to sleep .I have twice tried to lower my dose with the result- I can't sleep but then I never could.For me , it works great .I hear it's good for anxiety and aids a lot of people.

  4. Feran

    I do believe that this medication helps somewhat. Its better then having nothing but for my anexity issues it really doesnt do much. My heart rate normally decreases enough to work but i still feel this out of control feeling inside me and the chest pains are still present as well.

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