Buy ativan online without dr approval meaning in punjabi

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  1. Bat

    This amazing pill Is well simply, Amazing. I was struggeling with Chronically severe anxiety (Always thinking I was about to die do to my heart, and other many many Illogical fears) And tried an assortment of medications that did almost nothing. 2MG of this pill (2MG for my weight - 185) worked amazing. It does Indeed calm you down, but not that "I'm high" feeling or "I'm so tired I just want to sleep" feeling. This medicine made me feel "normal" for once. Though getting this medicine may be extremely hard to do, you might be extremely happy that you tried. If you're taking any of the Benzo's (Klonpopin, Xanax, Buspar ect) then this medication should never cause you to withdrawl. However, It can become "mentally abused" by which It's you new "Emergency medicine" and if you run out, why you may not be withdrawing being out can easily send you into a massive chain of panic attacks. Please ween yourself off of this medicine as It produced visions, night tremors ect for myself. Please do not abuse It either as It directly effects the brain, be careful. The normal dose Is 1MG 2x a day. Some people MIGHT take 1MG 3x a day. Some people MIGHT take 2MG 1x a day, or, 2x a day If they can handle It (Tollerance) Taking this medicine for myself Has prooven to remove 100% of my anxiety and fear for about 1 hour, or so. Extremely effectly In my opinion and is very affordable.

  2. Samum

    This medicine has given me my life back. I went to the ER three times last week alone, and was finding myself in the ER twice a week on a regular basis. Finally the doctor there prescribed me this medicine. It works wonders, and puts my anxiety to a minimum. It helps with the chest and throat tightness. I feel great. The only downside is after about 4 hours my symptoms come back. So I take another and am once again feeling better! I'd recommend it to anyone suffering severe anxiety.

  3. Mizuru

    It makes me very sleepy, but is very effective in calming my symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks.

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