Buy cheap ativan california santa monica

By | 16.11.2017

buy cheap ativan california santa monica

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  1. Dataur

    I was given two orange tablets of Ativan at the hospital before gong in for an internal biopsy. This was to just take the edge off (although I didn't feel particularly anxious). Pain reliever was to be administered just before the biopsy, except that the Ativan had knocked me out. I had no adverse reaction from this, and waked about two hours after the procedure had been completed. I dressed and my son drove me home, where I went back to sleep until morning. I would lek to know what strength those tablets. I don't know what the numbers were on them, but thought they might be color coded by strength

  2. Mir

    My father took this med when admitted to hospital for heart attack.. He went from all knowing to total unaware of who his family was. He thought he was in 1950's. He was a sane when he went in and he died 7 days later. This med should not be given to anyone that is elderly. SCARIE

  3. Kazigor

    to those who think this is NOT addictive, I say haha...try running out of the stuff for a few days & see how you feel. I rely on a mail-order service for my prescriptions & my Ativan refill was "lost in the mail" for a week. During the dreadful cold turkey stage I gradually got numb & trembling extremities and trembling lower jaw. I was convinced I had Lou Gehrigs Disease; I was convinced that if I got in my car to go to the ER I would get in an accident & die also. Finally called a friend to take me to ER where they gave me a shot of Ativan & a temporary supply to last until my refill arrived. It doesn't help my anxiety at all but I can't stop taking it due to the horrible withdrawl side effects.

  4. Fenrikora

    Prescribed for anxiety to use when needed. Well, 1mg was ineffective. I had to take 3mg in order to feel some anxiety relief, SOME. Taking higher doses than that did not relieve any more anxiety than the 3mg level really. Side effects at 3mg and above included blurred vision, double vision, short-term memory impairment. I knew such higher doses were risky and destined for negative side effects when you're talking benzodiazepine class of drugs but I tried anyway; this anxiety is crippling. Klonopin is significantly more effective in treating my anxiety.

  5. Met

    i hae a very bad case of irritabiity (not really anxious), my husband drives me insane and i get edgy and mean and feel sick to my stomach. i have trid valium but it gives me a "hangover" feelin in the morning. Klonopin an Xanax make me"black out". Ativan is the only thing that really calms me downand i feel great!!!!

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