Buy generic ativan online pharmacy canada

By | 13.03.2018

buy generic ativan online pharmacy canada

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  1. Gardarn

    Hello, I'm a 38 year old female that had a seizure for the first time 3 weeks ago. I ended up in the hospital for 10 days. EEG did not show anything. I noticed that when I would think about my ill father, and upcoming responsibilities that I'm going to have to deal with, my foot starts cramping up, then leads up my leg until it makes my whole body do weird movements, and my hands and feet feel like they are spiraling and crushing in my skin (hallucinating feeling). I breath deep, fast, panicky. sometimes I pass out at the end and become incoherent, and sometimes the cramping just releases in an instant and I remember everything. Ativan is the only thing that prevents this from happening.

  2. Sataxe

    I was just diagnosed in my 40's with generalized anxiety disorder not surprised. I was always having anxiety/panic attacks and unable to function some times. I now take Celexa daily and while it takes about 2 months to really kick in my anxiety is gone and I feel FAR beyond how I have felt in forever. Zoloft nor prozac worked. I don't know they are truly geared towards anxiety. High;y recommend it at 10mg if not feeling better.

  3. Aragami

    I was given two orange tablets of Ativan at the hospital before gong in for an internal biopsy. This was to just take the edge off (although I didn't feel particularly anxious). Pain reliever was to be administered just before the biopsy, except that the Ativan had knocked me out. I had no adverse reaction from this, and waked about two hours after the procedure had been completed. I dressed and my son drove me home, where I went back to sleep until morning. I would lek to know what strength those tablets. I don't know what the numbers were on them, but thought they might be color coded by strength

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