Overnight delivery on ativan 1

By | 15.05.2018

overnight delivery on ativan 1

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5 thoughts on “Overnight delivery on ativan 1

  1. Joseph

    One of the warnings on the bottle is "May cause drowsiness". Well, that's why I am taking it! If you don't want to feel drowsy, then Ativan is probably not for you. Another drawback is that if it is used too often, your body will get used to it and you may have to bump up your dose. When I first began taking Ativan, I only needed half a mg. to fall asleep, so I would cut a tablet in half. I only use it 3 or 4 times a month, but even at that dosage, after having used it for several years, I now find I have to take a whole tablet in order for the Ativan to help me sleep.

  2. Fesar

    Suffered from extreme agoraphobia and GAD to the point of not leaving home. Once on medication I was relieved and able to slowly go back to "normal" everyday things.

  3. Kajirn

    My Dr. prescribed me sub-lingual Ativan 1mg for panic attacks. They work pretty well, though for bad episodes I need 2 or 3 pills. The sub-lingual pills take effect in 10 minutes which is awesome when you feel like you are going to die. I am also on an antidepressant for anxiety.

  4. Nilar

    Ativan probably saved my life. I was living a miserable existence before I began a combination of Ativan and Celexa. I work in an inpatient Psychiatric hospital and work long 12 hour days on my feet. My depression and anxiety would keep me up crying all night. It didn't matter if I had a "good" day or a "bad" day, whenever I layed down to sleep mind began to race and I'd break down into a debilitating panic attack usually resulting in lots of tears and suicidal thoughts. My doctor started me on .5 MG at night to help me sleep, and .25 during the day if a panic attack were to occur. The first night I used it, I slept for more than 2 hours for the first time in a long time. I've been on it for several months and now only have to take it on occasion now that the Celexa has built up in my system. Very effective in stopping panic attacks and helping you sleep.

  5. Lyubov

    This medication is worrible it didnt help my anxioty at all it made it worse so i am back top my good old xanax

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