Ativan and Ativan withdrawl

By | November 9, 2015

Ativan and Ativan withdrawl

Just a personal video for a friend, or you, using ativan and are looking for information.

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18 thoughts on “Ativan and Ativan withdrawl

  1. Cash Money

    Don't use marijuana to medicate your anxiety. It doesn't have any lasting effects, and can actually exacerbate your anxiety. Marijuana is never prescribed for anxiety, it's for slight chronic pain and high blood pressure in areas like the eyes.

    Go to a counselor or a psychologist and let them decide what you need. Not your doctor. Talk therapy is usually enough anyway.

  2. HamptonCollabs

    hey im starting college and im extremely anxious. The only problem I have is that I cannot eat/ I dont feel hungry. My doc perscribed me ativan… The anxiety is a excited anxiety not a depressed one. Do you think I should take the pills to settle my anxious stomach…. and how do you feel about marijuana and anxiety if you have experience?

  3. YouReallyMuseMe

    2 mg Atavan does nothing for me anymore – I.e. Induce sleep. Built up tolerance. I do not look forward to coming off this.

  4. Jt Muffinz

    I think I know more about Ativan than you know about your own life – Ativan at .5mg will not cause you to do anything horrible or even have horrible withdraw, try 1mg 3x a day, 5 mg 2x a day. Try those for 6 months. Then tell me how you feel. Snorting or injecting probably is the root cause of your "life destruction". Get off my channel.

  5. Chantal Lange

    Yes, after my dad died I was put on a cluster of medications. Because I couldn't sleep and was depressed.

  6. Chantal Lange

    100 mgs twice a day, but I feel like its too much for me. But when I tell my doctor he highers the dose. I just think its too much for a 14 year old. How do I get off them ive been on seroqel for five years and think I'm addicted.

  7. Jt Muffinz

    I would never suggest 200mg Seroquel in 1 single dose, 1 mg ativan is fine. Most doses of seroquel is 25mg-50mg a few times a day, if doc presc. 200mg well, you're probably ok there, But wait a few hours (like 2) before taking the ativan.

  8. coshyno

    the fuck your saying there? lost your life because of 2months use on .5mg ? thats bullshit. try going on them at 5mg+ per day for 20years my friend 😉

  9. Billy Neidert

    you are a fucking idiot telling people ativan is safe in any application i took it .5 per day for two months and have been in the basement of hell for 3 fucking years it stole my life my health and all that goes with it. you dont know dick about this poison there is nothing safe about this med.

  10. custardpiekashmir

    also i've been taking the drug for about 7-8 months.
    excuse me for my english, also i can't think very clear when i'm on it, which is right now

  11. custardpiekashmir

    i'm taking 2mg of ativan every 24 hours. would it be easier for me to come off of it (i really don't want to take it anymore, i feel weird when it wears off, i lost a lot of weight because i wasn't hungry when i took the medicine, i didn't take care off myself i smoked a lot of cigarettes, the anxiety got worse when the medicine wore off i felth hostile and irritated, my memory went down the drain, i feel fucking bipolar, and i just got this for my panic attacks.

  12. Senioritis

    im 14 and my doctor prescribed me .5 mil before i have a procedure and then .5 mil 45 minutes later and keep it in my mouth and have it disolve slowly. i have never taken it before should i be concerned about the side effects? I take it tomorrow

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