First Time Trying Xanax

By | December 21, 2015

Hope you enjoyed todays video! If you enjoyed it at any point be sure to subscribe and follow me on twitter to interact with me 🙂 hey guys dont ever do xanax i hope you learn for this experience that i had and i hope you also enjoyed this new story about the first time i tried xanax.

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17 thoughts on “First Time Trying Xanax

  1. tim behne

    damn u actually said a story that makes sense to xanax and u have real pictures of xanax for thumbnail, unlike someone else who likes to secretly pop xanax in graveyard with homies, yea rihht ok

  2. JWZ44

    all these people saying xanax is bad, addictive they full of shit. if you take it everyday ofc u gonna be a fucking junkie addicted as fuck. if u drink everyday u gonna get addicted too. have once a week or maybe 2 times max like drinking and no addiction bullshit gonna happen.

    i see those vids in utube how some ppl got hooked and about how bad it is shut the fuck up they took 3 mg for 3 weeks straight to get addicted dont tell us its that bad if one fucking sucker takes it for 3 weeks straight, if they are fuckheads, dont mean the rest of us are

  3. TheCaptainTacoman

    Not sure how all these people are saying they got fucked up. The normal recreational dose is 4mg. You only took 2mg. Not saying it didn't get you fucked up, you just didn't get the full experience.

  4. Jordan

    Man, don't fuck with that shit. I know you're your own person and all but my mother.. She has to take another type of medicine to keep her from taking Xanies..
    She recently relapsed because my step dads sister gave her a whole cig box of that shit.
    And its weird because she started using them only for her back pain.. Then she got addicted to them.
    So yeah man, be careful.

  5. billybassman21

    1/4 of one puts me to sleep. I like Valium better. I had friends that could pop three of those in a night, makes no sense.

  6. demonmod

    1 bar = 2MG. a half an MG will give me the same effect you had. a whole MG will have me blacked out for 10-12 hours. never went higher, but i do drink when i take them. best fucking sleep ive ever had.

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