Androgel Generic – The Painless Way To Boost Your Testosterone Level

By | September 24, 2018

If your testosterone level has dropped, then you need not worry at all. External gels like Androgel Generic can easily help in supplementing the testosterone which is otherwise naturally produced in the body. Get Quick Results
In general, Testosterone gels were approved by the FDA in the year 2000. Soon it became popular for a number of reasons. The two segments who could be highly benefited from this drug are the males in the teenage group suffering from delayed puberty and the elderly male group suffering from testosterone deficiency. If you belong to that section who likes to stay away from the painful needles, then Androgel Generic is just the right product for you. It acts as a blessing for this segment. The simple application process of the gel is a big reason behind its rising popularity. After application, it starts its effect after about 30 minutes. This easy-to-use form of testosterone is a great relief for both the bodybuilders and athletes. It helps them to significantly gain muscles in a short period of time.

How To Use
The drug AndroGel should be used exactly the way your doctor has prescribed. You should follow all the directions mentioned on the label diligently and not alter the dosage at any cost. Any kind of misuse can lead to serious irreversible effects. While going through the instructions mentioned, if you have any queries never hesitate to get it clarified from your pharmacist or doctor. Another important point is, you should not share the drug with any other person. The gel should be applied on the upper arms and the shoulders only. Always apply the gel on dry skin and allow it to dry for about 5 minutes before putting on your dress. The area should be kept covered till you wash it off or take a shower. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water right after applying the gel. Never get into any kind of skin-to-skin contact with any person as long as the gel is applied on the body. Also, avoid swimming, bathing or showering for nearly 2 hours after you have applied the gel. It is advised that you get frequent blood tests done while on AndroGel. Avoid applying it on sensitive areas like scrotum or penis.

The product AndroGel is actually much cheaper when you purchase it online. This is a prime reason why most Americans prefer to buy the gel online. It is also one of the top selling drugs. As per a market study, for about 50mg of testosterone the cost is around $ 279 to $ 343 in the local pharmacies whereas if you buy it online, you can acquire the same product at just about $ 130. So, you can well make out, there is a huge difference in the cost.

By: James Smith

Traditionally most people had been using the painful injections to boost their hormone level. With the introduction of Androgel Generic, you can conveniently achieve your goal just with the application of gel.

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