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By | October 16, 2018

The problem is that for most people tiredness and fatigue stems from insufficient and / or poor quality sleep. For sure for a few there are other medical issues at play but on the whole sleep is the issue. Whilst there have been some excellent campaigns to build knowledge around healthy eating and exercise the third – and oft forgot – pillar of health is sleep. Whilst we all sleep (or aim to sleep) for roughly a third of our lives knowledge on good sleep remains poor. Add into the mix advances in technology and the growth of 24-hour society and it is easy to understand how sleep is being sacrificed. So whilst you might feel overwhelmed now, that your career is slipping fast, find it more difficult to complete your daily tasks and keep up with friends the reality is that all you need is a little knowledge. So out with the negative outlook and on with a great big smile. You are about to get your mojo back and life back on track. Time to be positive. The internet is full of good information – the problem is that it is also home to a great deal of bad information and misinformation. I read an article the other day that said a few people can survive happily off 4 hours sleep a night. What the article (in a very big, well-respected newspaper) didn’t say is that of 100 people who think they can survive off six or fewer hours of sleep a night – only about 5 can.

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