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The Rise of Cosmetic Dentistry Trends and Treatments in 2018

The last decade has seen an overhaul of the dentistry industry with revolutionary new treatments and technologies making procedures quicker, better and safer. In this now ever-evolving industry the fear of ‘the dentist’s chair’ is quickly becoming a thing of the past as treatments can take as little as one-two hours and be almost painless.… Read More »

Sedation Dentistry: The Advantages

Nearly half of adult Americans are scared to visit a dentist’s office, more so undergo a dental procedure on a dentist chair.Procedures that happen in the dental office are probably among the fearful event any man has to face.Luckily, you can opt to go through sedation dentistry, which allows a dental procedure, despite how intense… Read More »

Types of Sedation Dentistry

For anyone and everyone afraid of going to the dentist, sedation dentistry is a miracle solution. An office that specializes in treating people with dental phobia are equipped with various sedation methods to help the experience be less scary for you. Lots of dentists say they offer “sleep” dentistry, but this doesn’t mean you will… Read More »

About Sedation Dentistry

You’re sitting in the dentist’s chair. The bright light is drying out your eyes, your mouth is dry, and they haven’t even started your cleaning. You wonder if you’ve flossed enough. Do you have a cavity? Will they mock your oral hygiene routine? Will a piece of dental equipment break off and lodge itself in… Read More »