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Philippines receives COVID-19 vaccine after delays

The Philippines has received its first batch of COVID-19 vaccine By JIM GOMEZ Associated Press February 28, 2021, 9:23 AM • 3 min read Share to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this article MANILA, Philippines — The Philippines received its first batch of COVID-19 vaccine Sunday, among the last in Southeast Asia to secure the critical doses… Read More »

Most Americans probably won’t be able to get a Covid-19 vaccine until mid-2021, CDC director says

“Those who are vaccine hesitant have had their hesitancy enhanced by a variety of things that are happening right now, particularly the unfortunate mix of science and politics,” Collins said at an event hosted by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. A recent poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that more than… Read More »

Weekly Health Quiz: COVID-19, Vaccination and Forbes

1 The primary mechanism of action behind hydroxychloroquine’s ability to prevent and treat COVID-19 is its: Ability to shuttle zinc into cells HCQ is a zinc ionophore, meaning it shuttles zinc into the cell, and there’s compelling evidence to suggest the primary benefit of the HCQ protocol actually comes from the zinc, which effectively inhibits… Read More »

How COVID-19 Is Changing the Future of Vaccines

In his December 24, 2020, video report,1,2 “The Future of Vaccines,” investigative journalist James Corbett reviews how the novel COVID-19 vaccine is paving the way for nonconsensual medical experimentation on the general public. As noted by Corbett, if the international medical establishment get their way, nothing will get back to “normal” until world health officials… Read More »