Topamax Side Effects

By | November 7, 2015

Most of the time, medicines are used as treatments for more than one medical condition. Although they are developed to be potent for a certain condition, due to the different chemicals involve in making them, they can be used to treat other conditions too. We might see this as a reason why why side effects of certain medical products can be so numerous and dangerous. This dilemma can best explain to the current situation of Topamax.

Although mainly known as a treatment for epilepsy, Topamax actually has a lot of uses. It can be used as a treatment to prevent migraines and also as a treatment for people suffering from bipolar disorder. Furthermore, Topamax is also being considered as a treatment for obesity and alcoholism and also as a way to refrain people from binge eating. Least people forget, Topamax still has its bad side effects. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning against the use of Topamax. As this concerns birth defects, women should take precaution in terms of Topamax use.

It is a common fact that every medication usually has side effects. With the birth defect as a side effect of Topamax becoming a bigger issue, what are the other side effects does Topamax really brings? Topamax As supported by a number clinical trials and studies, Topamax is known to cause paresthesia, sleepiness, and fatigue. Weight loss and loss of appetite can also happen. Upper respiratory infection is also very common among children. Now, one of the best things to do is for the manufacturer to put a warning label on the product in order to inform people that using the product can cause significant effects on their lives.

As more and more people are dealing with the issue about the sufferings they have gone through might be caused by Topamax, Topamax lawsuits might be coming against the manufacturer of the drug. As Topamax lawsuits are something new, people who have been affected by the product must be properly guided. A Topamax lawyer must be present in order to give proper guidance regarding proper legal considerations. Contact a Topamax lawyer today if you happen to be one of those affected. If there is a need for you to file for a lawsuit, you need not worry about fees. Unless you win, consultation is for free.

Epilepsy drug, Topamax Side Effects, receives scrutiny after studies show it causes serious side effects among pregnant women and their newborns. Read more updates and news here.

Side effects of taking medication are written everywhere, with warning signs, etc but many do not talk about the WITHDRAWAL effects of some of these medications. These withdrawal effects can be shocking, dangerous, and at times life threatening.

Here is my experience with Effexor XR withdrawal, as well as Ativan, and other meds I have tried. I have found that the longer I am on a medication, as well as higher the dosage, the worse the withdrawal symptoms. This is only my experience, to let you know that this does occur, and creating awareness.

Please consult a doctor, or professional if you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

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