Levaquin Side Effects

By | December 22, 2015

Levaquin is an antibiotic used in dealing with infections that affect your skin as well as infections affecting kidneys, bladder and prostrate. It is also used to treat urinary tract infections, and persistent upper respiratory tract infections. However do not take matters into your own hands. You have to talk to your doctor about your medical condition so that you will be given proper medical attention.  Once your doctor has attended to you, he will then be able to give you the right dosage for the medicine.

Be sure to inform your medical adviser of your present health status at same time do not forget to mention whatever medical condition you are in. You might as well tell your physician if you are taking other medications. For women it is imperative that you tell your doctor in advance whether you are pregnant or not or if you are breastfeeding. Necessary precautions will have to be observed first before you go and buy Levaquin. Just like all other kinds of medication, this antibiotic has its own possible side effects.

The common side effects of Levaquin are constipation, vertigo, fainting, vomiting, stomach gas pains, heartburn and diarrhea.  Extreme reactions to the medicine may result in the following: rashes, itchiness, shortness of breathing, high fever, sore throat, swelling around the mouth, face, lips or tongue, mood swings, hallucinations, persistent stomach cramps, weakness felt on the tendons or on the joints. This type of medicine may also lead to fainting, nausea, unusual vaginal discharges, inexplicable trembling, loss of appetite and several more.

Be  sure to let your doctor know what your are allergic to before you buy Levaquin, if you have irregular heartbeats, if your blood potassium count is way below the normal level or if you are taking in other medicines or other herbal supplements and vitamins. Whether you are experiencing common or extreme discomfort after taking in Levaquin, you should right away call or seek help from the experts.  You have to ensure that you follow doctor’s orders when drinking the medication to get rid of the bacteria entirely. Pay attention that this oral remedy may cause you to get sunburned. Stay away from the sun as much as possible or from any tanning devices and before leaving your house make sure to always protect yourself from sun exposure.

Do not buy Levaquin if you are set to have typhoid vaccination.  For diabetic patients always keep a close watch of your sugar levels if you are also required to drink this antidote. So that there would be no complications arising from laboratory tests that you have to go through, inform the lab technician ahead that you are under medication.

There are still a lot more of the side effects that may possibly result when taking the medicine.  There will also be other people who may not feel anything at all when undergoing treatment.  It is important that you talk to your doctor and find out more this antibiotic and follow doctor’s orders.


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