A Sleeping Disorder Can Lead To Bigger Problems

By | October 2, 2016

It is estimated that almost 80 million Americans and 20 million Europeans suffer from acute sleep disorders, characterized by inadequate or poor quality sleep. No matter how hard these people try, they simply cant get enough sleep! If you cant sleep long enough to get a good rest or if you experience a poor quality or inadequate sleep pattern, then youre suffering from Insomnia or no sleep symptoms. The loss occurring due to direct and indirect insomnia is estimated at about $ 50 billion, and such a heavy loss can not simply matched by the emotional trauma being faced by the person with acute sleep disorders. For a long time, Insomnia was perceived to be a symptom and not a disease or a disorder, but as the more advanced evidences suggest, Insomnia appears to be much more than just a sleep disorder.

Insomnia is usually characterized by a condition when a person finds it very difficult to fall asleep or face difficulties maintaining the rhythm of sleep or waking up very early in the morning. Insomnia is also prevalent in aged adults of 50 years and above, and according to conservative estimates, about 55 percent of people allover the world face sleep disorders of varying degrees. Insomnia may also occur as an inherited genetic trait or due to some illness; however, new facts suggest us that Insomnia often manifests as a result of many combinations of physiological and environmental parameters.

Sleep disorders are also classified on their degree of seriousness: either acute or chronic. Shorter duration Insomnia or Acute Insomnia may occur due to some temporary situations like long air traveling or mental stress. Such low intensity Insomnia is easily treatable and often lasts one or two months. On the other hand, longer term or Chronic Insomnia is often very serious and may occur as a result of a combination of various parameters, which are medical, physical and or psychological. Treating chronic insomnia is often very difficult and usually depends on a combination of medications, education on behavioral and cognitive techniques. Sleep disorders of a serious nature are also assumed to be precursors of future onset of depression.

Sleep disorders could be damaging to your health and personal life, due to its hidden effects as it can impair the whole body mechanism. Consequences of not getting enough good sleep can be very serious, and include daytime tiredness, bad mood, low level depression, psychological distress, and difficulty in concentrating, as well as being at increased risk for physical injury, and permanent illness. Though there is several sleep disorder medication available, a definite treatment method can only be prescribe after a detailed medical diagnosis. Most common treatments include medication, behavioral and cognitive therapy and relaxation training.

Prescription medications that promote a sustained level of sleep are called hypnotics therapy. Medications usually differ by dosage and duration and level of action. Cognitive therapies are prescribed in case of severe cases of Insomnia and include manipulation of attitudes and beliefs that may or will contribute to poor sleep. Sleep disorders of extremely chronic nature, usually take a long time to cure and needs active participation from the patient.

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