Natural Anxiety Remedy – a Calming Solution

By | October 5, 2016

If you are someone who regularly has anxiety or panic attacks then you are certainly not alone. Anxiety is relatively subjective in nature, and people may have different coping mechanisms when it comes to dealing with it. No one is exempted from anxiety because it is generally a part of life, and most of us will at some time experience it at some point in our lives. There are numerous prescription drugs available through your doctor, however, many people today are choosing to try a natural anxiety remedy, so as to avoid the side effects that can be experienced from taking the conventional medications.

Anxiety may, nevertheless, have different levels and manifestations and every manifestation may vary depending on how the person will adapt to the anxiety. When a person handles it easily, no manifestations may occur, or the person may not even appear anxious at all. However, the scenario will be very different if a person isn’t able to handle this emotion properly.

Some manifestations of anxiety would include increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, easy irritability, easy fatigability, and even panic to an extent. Anxiety is also expressed as fear especially when a person is faced with an overwhelming situation. Problems with anxiety occur when a person doesn’t effectively handle the stress of anxiety. In worst case scenarios, anxiety can lead to panic attacks and nervous breakdowns.

The fast pace of living that we have today greatly contributes to anxiety. Aside from that, the stumbling economy also adds to it as well. There are a lot of treatments available to relieve anxiety though it is always not advised to rely on these medications. Often, tranquilizers are prescribed to patients experiencing anxiety but sometimes, these people would become greatly dependent on these medications which could lead to a more serious problem.

People with anxiety can choose to source a natural anxiety remedy, which is very safe and does not cause drug dependence. Here are some of the natural anxiety remedies:

* Green tea is proven to relieve anxiety aside from the fact that it can also promote relaxation. The ingredient in green tea which is called as L-Theanine is proven to bring relaxing effects. However, you should still keep in mind that green tea also has some caffeine content.

* Rosemary can be an alternative option for green tea if you do not like to drink caffeinated beverages. All you have to do is to add some rosemary to boiling water and let it cool down to drink. This will make you calm and relaxed.

* A warm bath can also provide a relaxing effect to people who are anxious. This is a proven natural anxiety remedy because it promotes relaxation and relief of stress. You can even add some grated ginger and baking soda to the water to bring a more soothing effect.

* You may have heard this before, but aromatherapy is truly a natural anxiety remedy. Having a massage using oil extracts from natural sources of plants can provide a relaxing and soothing effect. It also eases tension in the muscles and relieves stress. Aside from that, it also brings a rejuvenating effect.

* Yoga and/or meditation are truly a great ways to promote relaxation. Meditation can help you calm down and strengthen your mind and emotions. Through meditation, you are also able to develop your self-discipline.

The above suggestions are simple ideas that you can easily put in place yourself. There are also many affordable natural anxiety remedies available either through a health food store or your local Naturopath. Life should be enjoyed, so don’t let your anxiety stop you from living the life that you desire.

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