Use Hydrocodone 325 for Quick Pain Relief from the Most Severe Pain

By | November 12, 2016

Being in pain for long periods can take a toll on you both physically and mentally. Feeling unable to do even your basic household chores because of your pain can generate a sense helplessness in you. Chronic pain is a condition which is characterized by long lasting symptoms of pain that extends beyond the typical recovery period of the core condition. Dealing with chronic pain is not easy as there is strong connection with your emotional state of mind and your physical pain symptoms. The longer you are in pain the more vulnerable you become to symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression. In such states it’s possible that you exceed the dosage of your pain medications such as hydrocodone 325 to find a quick fix to your physical agony. However this can be very dangerous. Why? Read on to find out more.

It’s been noted that Tylenol and aspirin are not very effective when dealing with cases of severe chronic pain which is why many doctors prescribe hydrocodone pills. But there is also the worry of being addicted to it. So if at all you are using opioids for pain management ensure that you carefully devise a dosage schedule with your doctor so that you use it wisely. This article details some of the important information every patient should know if they are using opioids for pain management.

Acetaminophen is a mild pain killer which is sometimes combined with the opioid in a formulation known as hydrocodone bitartrate. When you combine them however they operate as a strong and powerful pain killer. This drug MAINLY works by changing the response of pain centers in the brain to pain stimuli. Although like any pain medication it has to be used carefully. It’s important to be conscious of all the dos and don’ts before taking this medicine.

What to avoid?
Never drink alcohol while about to take this medicine as acetaminophen reacts if combined with alcohol and could lead to liver failure. Alcohol has a sort of multiplying effect in combination with opioids which is why risks of alcohol poisoning or opioid overdose exist. Avoid taking this medication if you have used a monoamine oxidize inhibitor within the past fortnight. Before using this medication inform your doctor if you suffer from certain symptoms like liver disease/cirrhosis or if you are a heavy drinker, bowel obstruction/constipation, low BP, dehydration, recent history of stroke/brain tumor or head injuries. Pregnant women should avoid the use of opioids during the pregnancy period as it could affect the development of their unborn baby.

Side effects
Hydrocodone side effects include drowsiness, upset stomach/constipation, headache, dry mouth and blurred vision.
Of course with a proper prescription you can always buy from any licensed pharmacist. However nowadays it’s also possible to buy online. However be careful that you stick to the dosage prescribed by your doctor. Always check in with your doctor so that he can monitor your progress. Be very careful when using opioids for pain management but as long as you use it as per your doctor’s it will provide you with excellent pain management for your chronic pain.

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