7 Effective Ways To Cure Weak Erection Problem

By | May 2, 2017

Psychological Reasons for Weak Erection

Weak erection or erectile dysfunction is a serious male sexual problem. There are thousands of medicines and therapies to address the same. This sexual disorder often leads to very severe problems like infertility and complete impotency. In medical talk erectile dysfunction means, incapability to maintain a firm erection sufficient enough for a lovemaking. Men doesn’t discuss about weak erection problem that easily even with their therapists. They consider it a shameful fact. As a result, most of the patients suffering from erectile dysfunction visit a physician only after it’s too late to cure the problem or any other underlying complication associated with erectile dysfunction.

Causes of Weak Erection

There are several biological causes for erectile dysfunction starting from alcohol consumption to prostate cancer. Similarly there are ample psychological reasons triggering weak erection in men.

1. Men who had been abused physically in their childhood live in constant fear. They experience performance anxiety issues more than others.

2. Men with very low self esteem, feel insecure in presence of their partner. They indulge in over masturbation rather than developing a steady relationship. Over masturbation will lead premature ejaculation in course of time and weak erection after a few years.

3. Men suffering from too much pressure in work or personal life have this issue. Their anxiety level is always high, making them ejaculate very soon without a strong erection.

Symptoms of Weak Erection

1. Never attaining complete stiffness
2. Erection fading down in a minute or two
3. Great difficulty in attaining erection initially
4. Premature ejaculation with very slight erection
5. Complete exhaustion due to pre cum or premature ejaculation
6. Becoming insensitive to the partners sexual advances
7. Penile shrinkage or bending
8. Over anxiety and insecurity
9. Loss of concentration
10. Very little sexual desire

Treatments for Weak Erection

Finding the root cause for the sudden inability to stay sexually healthy is the main purpose of the treatment.

1. If male organ shrinkage or bending is the issue, massage oil such as Overnight oil or Mast Mood oil will help.

2. If there is an underlying problem like undiscovered diabetics or heart disease, taking appropriate treatment for those conditions will cure the problem.

3. If alcohol or drug addiction is the issue, suitable counseling and rehabilitation will help in restoring the normal sexual health.

4. If stress is the only issue, taking yoga practices or involving in light hearted activities will help. Patients should also check for blood pressure related diseases in such cases.

5. Sometimes taking certain medications might cause temporary impotency and weak erection in men. Consult with your physician and discontinue them or use other alternative medicine.

6. Counseling and therapies for psychological issues are available both online and offline. Expert therapists try their best to bring out the core issues and help you get cured in a very short time.

7. Herbal remedies are popular and effective ways to cure problem of weak erection. Bluze capsules and Mast Mood oil make a perfect combination to improve erection hardness and strength naturally.

It is a common myth that all diabetic patients suffer from weak erection. But, proper medical care and deduction of diabetics at an early stage will help diabetic patients stay free from weak erection and related problems.