Three Simple Principles Of Natural Health

By | June 15, 2017

Natural health can be maintained and retained if we follow some common basic principles of natural health. These basic principles aren’t difficult or cumbersome to follow but they require a strong will power and a keen desire to stay close to nature. These simple principles must be adopted before our body looses its status of being healthy. If we cannot follow these most common simple principles of natural health care now, then it would not be possible for us in future especially when some serious illness overtakes our healthy body system.

Our modern lifestyle today is one of the biggest enemy of our health and natural body system. Today we have developed a social structure which is unhealthy not only for the society but also for natural health of our body system. Here are three common well known principles of natural health which are seldom followed today, but this doesn’t mean these principles don’t stand today or they have been abandoned by our body.

Disturbed Natural Sleeping Pattern : A naturally sound sleep as per law of nature provides a number of positive health benefits to our body. We cannot count these but it works on complexion and beauty, energy and vitality, mental health and relaxation, improving appetite and digestion, overall health and happiness to name a few. Clock of our body system is naturally configured with nature’s natural clock i.e., at night our body tends to rest or sleep and in day after sunrise it is configured to work or do its job. Today our unhealthy lifestyle tends to artificially reconfigure this natural clock. Our modern habits and unnatural sleeping patterns are responsible for a number of modern health problems. Today we work when its natural for our body to sleep or rest and we sleep or rest when it natural time to work.

Unnatural and unhealthy eating patterns: Our eating habits have also changed with time. I’ll not be discussing poor nutrition and poor and unhealthy quality of food that we have in this. Today we eat as and when we have time or wish to eat. We eat food without a natural urge or appetite for eating. Even if the quality of food that we eat is best and organically produced, requirements of our body today due to modern lifestyle are not the same as they used to be some times back. Today eating more doesn’t mean getting healthier but its just opposite. Today we provide our body engine with fuel at a time when it is not asking for it and the fuel that we provide our body system today is not the right fuel for the health of our body system. This is like feeding a petrol engine with coal. Thanks God that our body system is not an ordinary machine but a wonderful machine.

Unnatural overprotection and over comfort: Today we protect ourselves not only from nature but also from the society and social activities unnaturally. We exceed our comfort level from natural to unnatural, the level of comfort that we enjoy today is actually uncomfortable for our body system to work in. This healthy looking and good feeling overprotection has led to under protection of our natural body system. We are forcing our body to work in dual mode. Sometimes we want our body system to work naturally when we move outside our overprotection comfort cover and otherwise when we stay within our over protected comfort zone we want it to work unnaturally to fit requirements of the artificial environment. This may look lighter but it has a serious consequence on our body’s natural health system. Today our body begs us to leave dependence on its natural resistance power and seek modern medical help time and again which gives right treatment not only to our body system but also to the soul who is actually responsible for this under-protected overprotection.

These three points on simple principles of natural health discussed here show how we have ourselves willingly compromised simple principles of natural health with unprincipled complexities of modern health problems.

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