Warning Against Opiate And Alcohol Mixture

By | June 17, 2017

Codeine is an opiate drug that doesn’t end up well when mixed with alcohol.Since alcohol and codeine are depressants that effects the nervous system then when they are consumed together may cause an overdose. They both react with each other that it can cause a person’s nervous system to slow down and cease its function that causes death. That is the reason why it is highly advised never to combine these two substances together because of the serious damage it may cause to a person’s central nervous system.

Alcohol is considered as a depressant which decreases thought process, pulse rate, will cause dizziness and excessive sleep. Whenever it is mixed with an opiate, various kinds of reactions can occur that’s ultimately dangerous to a person’s health and their life. The particular effects of codeine abuse combined with alcohol addiction can produce drastic results that could lead to an overdose and instantaneous death. That’s why people who are going through medication need to be careful with their alcohol intake in order to avoid mixing liquor and opiate based medications together.

Drug rehab for the dependency of opiates or alcohol are available everywhere. Treatment centers offer medications for individuals who are addicted of such substances. Alcohol and opiates could cause major addiction to a person, though alcohol can legally be bought anywhere, opiates and medication drugs can be bought with a prescription or through non-legal means. Both of them have a fairly similar effect but prescription drugs offer a significantly higher and quicker effect rather than that of liquor. Never take alcoholic beverages and opiates simultaneously because the effect can truly be lethal.

Even modest medication and prescription drugs are certainly not to be combined with alcohol as a number of side effects may arise that may cause damage to a person’s body, internal organs or damage to their brain. Certain medications are also used to treat dependency by countering the withdrawal effects of a particular dependency. A good example is when methadone is given to a patient going through withdrawal from opiate addiction.

Alcohol affects the brain by making a person light headed, unable of making the right decisions and sleepiness. Opiates in addition also target the brain therefore giving out symptoms like depressive disorders, anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations. When both opiates and alcohol are mixed, that’s when the potency becomes higher causing the nervous system to function gradually to a point that it will stop functioning which causes instantaneous death.

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