Save Your Crowning Glory With Propecia

By | June 21, 2017

Alopecia is a condition known to affect at least 70 percent of men worldwide. The thinning and eventual loss of hair is brought about by a variety of factors, including genetics, stress and hormonal imbalances. While living with a balding scalp was considered a part of the aging process, thanks to a miracle drug called propecia, you can save the hair on your head from falling prematurely.

How Does Propecia Work?

Propecia contains a highly potent drug called finasteride. This drug belongs to a class of medicines called inhibitors. When you take a pill of propecia to treat your hair loss, the finasteride works by blocking the conversion of male hormones, such as testosterone, into DHT. As a result the loss of hair reduces with daily use for about 3 to 4 months, and after that, hair re-growth is noticed.

Side Effects Of Propecia:

It is important to remember that propecia is a drug that works in restoring the hair growth for men. It may have adverse effects on women. Pregnant women are especially instructed to avoid even skin contact with propecia if the pill is crushed or unbroken.

The biggest side effect that comes from using propecia happens if you decide to discontinue the treatment. IT has been reported in many cases that discontinuing propecia results in a reversal of effect of the drug, and may even lead to permanent balding within a year.

Other side effects that have also commonly be reported are erectile dysfunction and erratic ejaculatory behavior.

“Propecia Helped Me; It Can Help You Too”

Fredrick Masterson had the following to say about using propecia: “I come from a family of men with thick hair. Most of the elder men in my family even perished without losing a single strand of hair. It was, therefore, very distressing for me when I noticed my hair beginning to fall out in my early thirties.

When I visited my doctor, he told me this was simply due to stress. Along with advising me to slow down the hectic pace of my job, he suggested that I take a medicine called propecia. He told me that taking a pill of 1mg daily with or without food would make a difference to my hair growth.

I found out that I could buy propecia online prescription was not a necessity, and the cost of propecia at cvs was the lowest I could find. After using propecia for four months, my hair fall receded and the hair began growing back. I now have a head full of hair to match my relatives.”

Buying Propecia:

The best part about using propecia is that in order to buy propecia, no prescription is required. For this reason, you can buy propecia online without prescription. The cost of propecia at CVS pharmacy online is the most competitive, and this medical web-store lets you buy propecia online without a prescription.

Although it is easy to buy propecia without prescription, it is best to inform your doctor before you start taking the medicine so he can ensure that is compatible with your body.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and let propecia change your lives too!

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