Difference Between Primary Impotence and Secondary Impotence

By | July 12, 2017

There are two types of impotence, primary impotence and secondary impotence. One is more serious than the other one. The difference between the two types of impotence is in the frequency of occurrence of the impotency episodes.

Primary impotence involves a complete inability to gain an erection. In the presence of primary impotence, the male is unable to maintain an erection until the point of ejaculation or orgasm. Primary impotence is a rare condition and usually has psychological causes. A medical opinion must be sought when primary impotence is present.

According to Western medicine, there are both psychological and physical causes of impotence. Both psychological and physical reasons may cause secondary impotence. When secondary impotence is present, sexual intercourse can be performed from almost all the time to sometimes.

Unfortunately, when secondary impotence occurs, it can cause anxiety or even depression, which can trigger further episodes of impotence because the male is worried about being able to maintain an erection. That is why it can important to be able to pinpoint the cause of the first episode of impotence. If it is found that the cause was for a temporary psychological reason and there is not physical cause for ongoing impotence, then the male can find relief from any worries about temporary episodes of impotence.

Most men experience impotence during their lifetime, at least once or even a few times. It is not that uncommon to experience secondary impotence due to psychological reasons such as boredom or feelings about the sex partner, location or time. Guilt can also play a part in impotence. Psychological reasons are great motivators for any type of action even inaction. If we are having second thoughts about sexual activity for any reason, the erection may fail.

It is also common to experience impotence for physical reasons. Alcohol, drugs and fatigue are typical physical causes of secondary impotence. Any of these factors can negatively affect the ability to think clearly and the physical performance. A combination of psychological and physical causes can trigger secondary impotence. For instance, in a situation where the man is drunk, tired and does not feel that his sex partner is very attractive, an erection may not be possible. When an erection is not possible in this situation, it does not mean that the man cannot have sex under better circumstances.

Men can have an erection and have sexual intercourse as desired with occasional glitches at any age. As a man ages, it can take longer for him to achieve an erection and orgasm. Once able to achieve an erection just from a stray thought as a young man, the older man, beginning in his forties, will start to notice the beginning of an ever-lengthening time to get an erection and reach orgasm. If the man does not understand that this is a natural process and a part of the aging process, he may get depressed about it, which can worsen the problem.

Impotence can be distressing if the sufferer is not aware of the different types of the condition. It is normal to experience impotence now and then for most men. If it happens more often, it could indicate a general decline in health according to Eastern medicine. It is important to determine the cause of any episodes of impotence to relieve any stress about the situation or point to any underlying or associated medical cause.

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