What Should You Know about Diazepam 10mg before Taking It?

By | July 30, 2017

Diazepam 10mg is a type of sleeping tablet used for a number of different disorders such as insomnia and anxiety. The prescription medication is classified as a benzodiazepine. For this reason, doctors only prescribe Diazepam when the sleep disorder becomes severe to the point of causing the person distress.

The Duration of the Treatment

The recommended duration of taking the sleeping tablet is eight to twelve weeks. The person, within the duration they are taking the med, will have to wean themselves off the sleep aid. In some extreme scenarios, the doctor may ask the person to take the sleeping tablet for a longer duration. That will happen after they re-examine the person.

The Required Dosage

To avoid symptoms resulting from taking Diazepam 10mg, doctors will prescribe the patient with the lowest possible dose. Normally, the dosage prescribed differs from the type of disorder they have.

People with severe anxiety should take a dose of 15 to 30mg whereas people with chronic insomnia should take a dose of 5 to 30mg. In most cases, the prescribed dosage is 10mg. For the elderly, doctors will prescribe a low dose, as they are more susceptible to developing symptoms related to taking sleeping pills. People with reduced liver and kidney function also fall into the same category as the elderly.

Can You Build Tolerance to Diazepam 10mg?

As is the case with all sleeping tablets, you can build a tolerance level to Diazepam. By building up a tolerance level to the drugs, your system will become immune to its effects. Some people are known to increase the dosage to induce sleep, as the prescribed dosage failed to work as before. In doing so, they are increasing their chances of developing an unpleasant symptom related to the sleeping tablets.

Apart from forming immunity to the drug, people can become dependent on them as well. This means that will not be able to sleep without consuming a pill before bed. Both types of behaviors can put them in dangerous positions.

That is why it is emphasized for people not to take sleeping tablets consecutively. However, you should not stop taking them abruptly, but gradually stop taking them, as doing so suddenly, can cause you to develop rebound insomnia.

Do Not Combine Diazepam with Other Products

You should not combine the medication with the following products:Ulcer-healing drugsAntiepilepticsAntihypertensivesTheophyllineDigoxinSedativesOral contraceptivesNicotineNabiloneAntiviralsMuscle relaxantsLofexidineHypnoticsDopaminergic agentsDisulfiramAnaesthetics and narcotic analgesicsAnxiolyticsAntipsychoticsAntihistaminesAntidepressantsAntibacterialsAlcoholDoes It Affect Your Ability to Drive or Operate Machines?

If you are taking Diazepam 10mg, you should not sit behind the wheel or operate heavy machinery. The medication is to be taken at night, just before going to bed. By driving or operating machines, you not only put your life at risk, but others lives as well.

The medication causes amnesia, sedation, impaired muscular function, and impaired concentration, all which can affect a person’s ability to drive and operate machinery. If you feel the effects of the medication are still in your system when you wake up, you should avoid driving or doing anything that can cause you to injure yourself.

Should You Take Diazepam 10mg?

If you suffer from insomnia or an anxiety disorder, you should make an appointment with your doctor to ask them if you should take Diazepam. The sleeping tablet is not right for everyone and your doctor will only write a prescription for Diazepam 10mg after they assess your condition and on how severe it is.

Most likely, people with chronic insomnia and extreme anxiety will qualify for taking the medication. If you develop any symptoms and they persist while on the med, you should contact your doctor or local pharmacist and discontinue taking Diazepam.

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