Top 5 Homeopathic Pain Killers

By | January 27, 2018

Unfortunately pain is something that everyone will experience in life.  While pain is uncomfortable, it can actually be a good thing and there are homeopathic pain killers that can be taken to provide you with safe natural pain relief that is non narcotic.

When you have pain, what you are really experiencing is your body sending you a signal that something is wrong.  Imagine if you had a ruptured disc in your back (ok I’m feeling the pain just thinking about it!) and you were just walking around all day going about your every day responsibilities…working, exercising etc.  If you didn’t have any pain, you would not know something was really wrong. Pain is your natural defense against being injured for the long haul.

Pharmaceutical drugs have a host of harmful side effects so opting to take homeopathic pain killers when you are hurting is a wise choice.  I know after I had my foot surgery I decided against pharmaceutical drugs and chose the homeopathic route.  Boy, I’m glad I did.

Below is a list of pain killers that are not new to homeopathic care and are effective for many interested in using homeopathic pain killers:

Arnica is effective at treating arthritis, muscle sprains and strains, and bruises.  Arnica is an herb that’s derived from a yellow flower grown in European mountains.  Arnica can be applied topically in gel form or taken orally with another homeopathic treatment.  
Curcumin is a excellent because it helps to prevent and reduce inflammation.  Curcumin should be taken in capsule form with an enzyme called bromelain because your body absorbs it better.  Bromelain is also an anti-inflammatory agent and is used by many doctors to treat pain caused by arthritis.  When I was experiencing signs of rheumatoid and I told my doctor that I didn’t want to take medicine, she recommended Bromelain.  
Devil’s claw fights pain and inflammation but you have to be careful with this one if you have stomach problems.  Devil’s claw is actually a fruit that’s found in South Africa and has been used to help reduce back and arthritis pain.  
Feverfew is an age old homeopathic pain killer and works wonders at relieving headaches, arthritis pain and minor pain.  Feverfew is not only a natural pain killer but it has also been proven to stop headaches and migraines from creeping up.  Anyone with headaches should try this alternative pain reliever.  
Frankincense is known for its ability to treat chronic inflammatory pain in conditions such as arthritis.  This herb helps to greatly reduce pain associated with minor injuries as well.

Homeopathic pain killers are your safe option for reducing and even eliminating mild to chronic pain because they are non narcotic.  Even though taking certain herbs may have some side effects for different people, those side effects are much less harmful than those you get from taking pharmaceutical drugs.  As with anything, you should exercise caution and do your homework when deciding to take homeopathic pain killers.

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