The Medifast Diet Plan

By | February 10, 2018

For individuals looking for a diet plan, the Medifast diet plan may prove to be more effective. This diet program promises natural and healthy weight loss while providing the individual with meals that are easy to prepare, ensuring that even with a busy or full schedule, meal preparation can still be sustained.

According to information on Medifast diet plan, at least 15,000 physicians have recommended this diet program. It is also said that there are clinical studies documenting the success of Medifast diet plan on individuals working towards weight loss. This does not eliminate the need for a physician’s advice, though.

Individuals who wish to try out the Medifast diet plan need to budget at least USD 300 for the meals. This amounts to at least USD 11 a day. Based on the information that they have, this is still lower when compared to the USD 16 a day that an average American would spend on typical food.

The Medifast weight loss plan works to control the meal portions so that an individual’s body is ‘forced’ to burn off fat for energy. This is due to the calorie deficit that is created when one follows the Medifast meal plan. On their website, one can find a listing of the meats and the portion sizes for meats and vegetables.

When it comes to vegetables, there are recommended vegetables and vegetables that one should steer clear of in the meantime. The latter includes mostly high-carbohydrate vegetables. Aside from this, the Medifast weight loss plan also has a recommendation of the food one can snack on in order to maintain the healthy diet plan. However, snacks are only limited to once per day and those who follow the program are discouraged from snacking in place of what they call the Medifast meal or the Lean and Green meal.

The Medifast plan also makes room for diabetics, specifically for those with type 2 diabetes. As for those who wish to have a ‘sample’ of the Medifast diet plan first, it is recommended that a two-week trial period be made first so that a more substantial result can be seen. Individual Medifast meals as well as a 2-week variety package are available. More information on how to obtain these can be viewed through the website.

The advice of a physician is still strongly recommended before undergoing this or any other type of diet program.

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