Amega Zero Point Wand Saves Robert From Taking Next Vicodin

By | April 1, 2018

After a brief conversation highlighting the origin and benefits of Amega Global’s Zero Point Energy Wand, and a few minutes rotating energy into his damaged knee, Robert sat in a quiet state of bliss, forever CHANGED by the experience of having been sheathed in a field of zero point energy, and according to him was enough to prevent him from having to take his next Vicodin.

Two days prior to this I had been sitting in my apartment and wondering how I could be of service to my community, especially with such a powerful energy tool in my possession. I decided that I could devote one afternoon per week and visit certain public places to walk around with a friend, a camera, and my trusted amega zero point energy wand. I would call this my ‘Merry Wanderings’ and actively seek out those who were in physical pain. I would approach people who I thought were good candidates for such a service and ask if they were in pain and if they would like to experience the Amega zero point energy wand. After an hour of walking around the Santa Monica Promenade being rejected and dismissed by distracted tourists, hurried locals, brand new mothers, and those who had better things to do that day – I found Robert.

Robert was sitting by himself, his cane by his side, waiting patiently for his wife to come back from the restroom. It was a lazy overcast Monday afternoon by the coast, but that certainly didn’t prevent the zero point energy field from being generated for Robert and the pain in his knee. After agreeing to allow me to use my zero point energy wand on him, I asked him to tell me the history behind his pain. He told me that he had suffered a lower back injury from his job, and after surgery the pain in his right knee had just sort of popped up. I am not a doctor and have no authority to diagnose, but I do have strong opinions as to the state of our health care system in this country, and get tired of seeing people without access to immediate treatment. Unfortunately, doctors are often quick to suggest drastic means i.e. surgery, and excessive medications while never ever really placing any attention onto a patient’s diet, amount of stress, type of exercise or other lifestyle habits. We have been kept sick in this nation by Big Pharma and part of the idea behind the Merry Wanderings is to introduce Amega’s zero point energy tools as an alternative means to balancing the body’s energy.

So the question is are Amega’s zero point energy products a more powerful tool for pain relief than the western industry standard vicodin? Only time will tell. On that day and at that time, in Robert’s case, zero point energy may have temporarily won out over his vicodin. I’m sure there are many instances where people need constant and high doses of pain relief, and there may be no other means for them to get it other than through their doctor and the pill. But what if Amega’s zero point energy wand could possibly win out over prescription medications? The side effects of vicodin include: upset stomach, nausea, dizziness, allergic reactions, seizures, hallucinations, severe weakness, jaundice, unconsciousness, fatigue, bleeding, bruising, constipation, dry mouth, ad infinitum. The advisory board for the FDA have even suggested taking vicodin off the market because of a high likelihood of overdose. The panel cited concerns over liver damage from their acetaminophen component. Each year acetaminophen is linked to about 400 deaths and 42,000 hospitalizations! Side effects from the zero point energy wand? None yet known.

It is an exciting time to live in as people in the U.S. are beginning to wake up to alternative health means, and starting to believe in their own life-force energy as a very real and often overlooked aspect to personal wellness. I personally have been very fortunate to have learned from those who have made a dedicated life’s study of energy arts, Chinese medicine, Qigong, and other metaphysical practices. Everything that was once thought of as “New Age” 30 years ago is now “THIS AGE.” To remain skeptical about what hard science now affirms, is to completely miss the boat on one’s own health and well being. And in the words of my teacher, “Some people are just supposed to be sick.” But not Robert. At least not on that Monday afternoon as he sat in rapture with the energy generated from the wand. And as he slowly came back to a conscious expression of what he had undergone – he could only tell me that “you may have just saved me from having to take my next vicodin.”

But don’t take my word for it. Watch the video at my webisite and find out for yourself.

To Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness. May the zero point energy wand be with you!

Paul H. Moore, M.F.A., M.Q.P.
Energy Entrepreneur/Actor/Medical Qigong Practitioner