Review: This Japanese Facial Treatment Helps to Revive Stressed-Out Skin

By | October 1, 2018

Pamper your stressed-out skin, body and mind with this relaxing facial treatment by Three Rhythm Spa. It even includes a massage!

Review: This Japanese Facial Treatment Helps to Revive Stressed-Out Skin – And Even Includes a Massage

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Designed for skin that is stressed out by the pressures of urban living and environmental stressors such as ultraviolet rays and pollution, the Three Signature Facial treatment is a zen-like retreat in our hectic metropolis.

The Three Signature Facial (priced at $ 190) is a quick 60-minute using Three products, which are made up of mostly naturally-derived ingredients. Many of the products used in this specific treatment contain a luxurious blend of organic laurel leaf and frankincense essential oils which invigorate and de-stress both mind and body.

This is in line with the Three philosophy of a golden balance in mind, body and skin. Where a revitalised and relaxed mind and body translates into improved skin immunity against skin aggressors and therefore better skin.

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Starting with point makeup remover on eyes and lips, followed by a double cleanse using the Cleansing Oil, followed by a Clearing Foam which was whipped up using what looked like a traditional matcha tea ceremony whisk. The therapist’s hands never touched my face during the foam cleansing – this meant that it felt like a soft fluffy cloud was gently moving around my face. You gotta try it to believe how comforting this was.

What was noteworthy was that the treatment protocol was designed to be as relaxing as possible which is why no dragging motions were used. Instead, a gentle rolling motion is employed for both removal and application of products. Plus, a series of warm towels for face and neck were used at various points, the warmth providing additional relaxation.

After the Lotion Mask (a cooling sheet mask) was applied to my face, she wasted no time in performing a 10-minute neck, décolleté and shoulder massage. A home blend of organic laurel leaf and frankincense essential oils is used in the massage oil (not for sale).

Conditioning SQ Oil was used for the luxuriously pampering 10-minute facial massage – so relaxing I drifted off to sleep. This left my face looking extremely radiant, well-rested and even returned the pink to my cheeks.

You’ll notice that a total of 20 minutes of the facial time was spent on massage. This is because the brand philosophy believes that one’s skin condition is connected to the body and mind as well. This holistic approach to overall wellness is the reason for the extensive massage to soothe away the day’s stresses and aches.

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As a treatment is only as good as the therapist performing it, we highly recommend booking with Evonne, who has magic fingers. Her hands expertly found and soothed knots and sore points, and confidently varied her stroke strength according to the area treated.

Conveniently located at Tang Plaza in Orchard, nip in for a quick lunchtime treat or at the end of a particularly stressful day. Book early as their slots (especially after 6pm on weekdays) fill up quickly.

Three Rhythm Spa is at Level 4 Tang Plaza, 310 Orchard Road.

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