10 Common Signs of Dull-Skin

By | October 2, 2018

10 Common Signs of Dull-Skin

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Have you ever wonder why your complexion lacks glow and doesn’t even look healthy. Many of us have dull-skin and we don’t even know it. This condition occurs when our skin loses its glow and doesn’t look bright or radiant. We can easily recover from this and gain that radiant glow just by taking the necessary steps. The first most important step is to identify whether you have it or not? Below are 10 common signs by which you can identify:  

You are aging and so is your skin

When you start to age your skin does too because of which its ability to generate new surface cells slows down because of which the rosy undertone gets lost and it starts to appear dull.

The buildup of dead skin

One of the most common causes is from the buildup of dead cells. The dead cells mask the surface and as they accumulate the complexion starts to appear less radiant than before.


Most people have dry skin and if you aren’t hydrating it then chances are that it looks dull.

Stress causes dull-skin

Stress is the major cause of almost every problem and it also includes the appearance of your complexion. High stress results in a dull complexion.

Your skin isn’t hydrated

If you aren’t moisturizing then the probability of healthy glow is very less.


If you want a radiant glow then exfoliation is key. In order to remove the buildup of dead cells, you should exfoliate frequently.

You don’t remove your makeup

When you don’t remove your makeup after the day is over then it means that all the makeup will start building up which will further lead to clogged pores and dull skin.

You live in a dry region

People living in dry areas usually have dull-skin because of lack of moisture in the air.

You aren’t getting your beauty sleep

It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. When you sleep your body gets a chance to refresh itself. Fatigue is also one of the reasons.

You aren’t using the right products

Every person has a different type which is why it’s important to use the right products made for you. Using the wrong type of products can lead to a dull looking complexion losing the radiant glow we all want.

10 Ways to take care of dull-skin

The good news is that no matter how dull your complexion looks, there are many ways by which you can regain radiant and beautiful glowing

Protection from the sun

Ensure that you always wear a sunscreen before you go out in the sun as the UV rays from the sun can be harmful. You can also wear accessories like brimmed hats and sunglasses for protection from the sun.

Suggested Products: Alba Botanica – Alba Hawaiian Coconut Dry Oil Natural Sunscreen

Use the right facial cleanser

Cleansers are known for brightening the face. Use the right facial cleanser made for you so that you get rid of the dull complexion.

Suggested Product: Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser


Make sure that you moisturize day and night so your skin remains hydrated and healthy.

Exfoliate frequently

One of the main causes is from the buildup of dead cells. Make sure that you exfoliate your skin frequently depending upon your type. You can scrub it from daily to once in a week depending upon the requirements and needs of your particular type.

Add facial masks to your routine

Adding a face mask to your routine once in a while can really boost the appearance of your face. There are many facial masks on the market that freshen, brighten up your face and hydrate it.

Suggested Products: Freeman Feeling Beautiful facial clay mask, Mint and Lemon

Glycolic acid

Using products formulated with glycolic acid can give a radiant glow to your complexion as it gets rid of the buildup of dead cells from the surface.

Remove makeup

Always remove your makeup at the end of the day.

Suggested Products: 3x Clinique Take the Day off Makeup Remover, Norwex Makeup Removal Cloth

Don’t neglect your other body parts

Always take care of your entire body; your face isn’t the only place where your focus should be.


Makeup plays an important role in how you look. Switch up your makeup and see how your face reacts with different products.

Drink water

Water is good for your entire health. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water.

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