Conditions and Treatment During Hair Loss

By | October 5, 2018

Scrawnier ponytail or loose strands of hair covered in the bathroom is very startling. With age and time every man and woman suffers from this. Effective treatment for hair loss is now easily available to re-grow your hair within some time.

Best hair treatments for hair loss includes, laser therapy, hairpieces, medications and surgery. With a condition known as patchy alopecia hair may also grow naturally without any treatment within a year. The main aim of the treatment is to promote slow hair loss and hide hair loss.

Sometimes hair loss is even caused by an underlying disease which needs proper treatment, doctor consultation and medicines. This hair growth treatment basically includes drug to reduce inflammation which suppresses your immune system. Minoxidil and Finasteride are two drugs which are approved by Food and Drug Administration to treat hair loss.
When you suffer from common hair loss, top of your head is affected then surgery is the best option to make the most of the hair you are left with. Implantation of hair make your scalp grow hairs with improve results.

Laser devices for hair loss therapy are now easily available in the market these days with no side effects but it not promises long term effect for the hair loss.
If you are not getting any positive response from the treatments then you can surely try hairpieces and wigs which is an alternative to the medical treatment.

Some basic facts about hair loss are –
• Hair loss due to breakage is very different from the hair loss from decreased hair growth.
• Sudden hair loss with age is seen in men and women both.
• Thyroid, anemia, low vitamin and protein can also cause hair loss
• Alopecia is common cause which does not need treatment. The medical term for hair loss is alopecia.
• If you want to take precaution for hair loss then take care of hygiene, regular, shampoo, oiling and good nutritional diet.
• Blood count, iron level, blood test, Vitamin and Thyroid function test can help in determining hair loss problem.
• Mostly hair loss is not associated with systematic, internal disease or frequent diet. It is predetermine genetic factors and overall ageing process.

• Illness, emotional trauma, hormonal changes like pregnancy, puberty and menopause can also cause hair loss.
• Small areas of hair loss are affected by scalp issues, which results in patchy hair loss. It is a small circular or coin size patches of scalp baldness that usually grow back within months.
Some also includes thinning from tight braids, twisting and pulling of hair out or fungal infection.

Hair loss can be internal or external problem but not to worry as hair loss treatment can be scanned and determined by the doctors. Dermatologists can help you with any problem regarding hair loss. Sometimes they can even ask you for a biopsy to diagnose severe or undetermined hair loss. If you take proper care of your hair and eat nutritional diet you will be able to recover any hair loss treatment very easily. Many medicines can also have strong side effect on your induce hair so take care before you take hair loss treatment. If you face side effect due to some treatment or medicine then it takes at least 12 months to re-grow your hair.

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