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By | October 14, 2018

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By: Jamie Snodgrass

Do you often find yourself stressed out because of certain misfortunes of the past or uncertainty of future? How frequently do you feel a pang of an unpleasant emotion in anticipation of some ill- defined calamity? If very often it is time for you to realize that you are suffering from some anxiety disorder that causes innumerable psychological and physical tribulations.

How to get help?
Once diagnosed, anxiety can be treated fairly fast. There are many ways of treating anxiety.

  • Since anxiety a psychologically originated disease, at the primary stage it can be treated through counseling provided by, psychologists, social workers, and counselors. However these counselors should have specialized in behavior therapy or cognitive development or in any such related area.
  • Anxiety can be cured by cured by prescribed medications. Psychiatrists or physicians usually prescribe anti depressants or anti anxiety drugs that help during the advanced stages of anxiety.
  • Other ways of treatment are group therapies or combination of all the above. This would mean psychologists and counselors work closely with the physicians and psychiatrists and help the patients.

Anxiety drugs:
While focusing on the second method of treatment, namely intake of prescribed drugs, we must realize certain important facts about drugs prescription.

  • The physician begins by giving low dose of the drug at first however gradually increases it.
  • These drugs have side effects; however the body gets accustomed to them over the passage of time.
  • The dosage is tapered slowly once the doctor feels that the patient is nearing normal state.

Some anxiety drugs:
Some of the anxiety drugs are given below.

  • Doxepin : is a common drug with regular side effect incase of over dosage. Common side effects like nausea and vomiting
  • Clomipramine: over dosage can toxicity to the individual.
  • Amoxipine: it comes along with the general instructions of how to use the drugs and the common side effects.
  • Ziprasidone: is another kind to monitor anxious behavior.
  • Moclobemide: this is taken to regulate the mental functioning.

Anxiety Pills
Severe anxiety is unfortunately one item among the unwanted stuff. The more one tries to forget an experience that caused fear or severe discomfort, the stronger the memory of it becomes. When people suffer from recurring panic attacks or from a specific phobia such as that of height, bridges or highways, they usually don’t think of a specific memory or thought as the real culprit behind their predicament, but there often is one

Anxiety and pills:
Anxiety is more of a mental and psychological condition which many people feel cannot be cured (like physical ailments) using medicines. But the reality is the fact that anxiety can be controlled using drugs called “tranquilizers” whose basic aim is to relive stress and make the patient feel better and more positive about life. Also known as “chill pills” some drugs can really help the patients a lot. Anticonvulsants like Neurontin and Gabitril for anxiety. Seroquel, which works on schizophrenia and manic depression, also seems to control anxiety and stabilize sleep patterns in low doses. There was a study in which one group of dental-phobic patients was given Geodon, an anti-psychotic, and another group was given Valium before a dental visit. Geodon was just as effective as Valium, but without the sedative effect.

The most popular of these tranquilizers is Valium, which doctors have long prescribed to relieve symptoms of anxiety. The drug is also used to lessen the anxiety, agitation and tremors that occur during alcohol withdrawal.

The results of one study conducted in 1993 showed that valerian and hops are calming to the central nervous system and reduce depression and anxiety. In fact, the herbs were reported to work faster than the prescription drugs. Hops and valerian worked in only two weeks, as opposed to a longer period required for conventional drugs. The herbs also caused far fewer side effects.

Anxiety pills and their future:
The chemical cousin to Neurontin, Pregabalin, is an anticonvulsant that’s in trials. It’s also being looked at for social-phobia anxiety disorders. There’s another type of drug in development that works on regulating the pathway of the stress hormone cortisol directly. But that’s down the line.

Anxiety and non-prescribed remedies:
Too many people self-medicate their anxiety with alcohol or marijuana. While those options might bring acute relief, later on they can lead to a worsening of anxiety symptoms. So, unfortunately, they represent a bad pharmacological choice.

Why take drugs?
Drugs help a great deal to overcome that problems arising out of anxiety. Following are some of the reasons why drugs are advisable.

  • They help to reduce extreme sadness.
  • They reduce lack of interest in life.
  • They help to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • They also cure the pain arising out of problems like approaching menopause etc

Thus, prescription drugs are advisable; however one must be aware of its side effects, the most vital of which is addiction.Author Bio
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