Neal’s Yard Remedies Minis: Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture, Rehydrating Rose Toner & White Tea Facial Mist

By | October 19, 2018

Quite a few months back, Neal’s Yard Remedies had a sale on and I couldn’t resist buying some of their travel size products. I decided to go for the products which I haven’t tried before: Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture, Rehydrating Rose Toner and White Tea Facial Mist. The two products from the Rehydrating Rose range are suitable for normal skin while White Tea Facial Mist is suitable for all skin types.

neal's yard remedies minis: Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture, Rehydrating Rose Toner & White Tea Facial Mist

I don’t normally buy products for ‘normal’ skin type as my skin is breakout-prone and combination although in winter is more on a drier side. But I decided to test these Neal’s Yard’s minis to see how my skin will handle them as you never know, maybe they would turn out to be really good products for my skin type.

If you haven’t tried any skincare products from Neal’s Yard Remedies yet, you should definitely give them a go. I love their toners which are a great value for money – I particularly like their Rejuvenating Frankincense Toner. They also have lovely organic hand creams and body lotions.

Neal’s Yard Remedies are a well-established organic skincare and wellbeing brand and I’ve been using their products for years. When I have an opportunity I always love to test the NYR products which are new to me.

Their products are certified organic by The Soil Association, cruelty-free and contain ethically sourced ingredients. Neal’s Yard use the highest possible percentage of organic ingredients and they never use the ingredients that could cause harm to you or the planet. So in their formulations you will never find any parabens, mineral oils, silicones, GM ingredients, synthetic fragrance, EDTA, etc.

So here is what I thought of the minis I picked in summer…

Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture

This face moisturiser has a lovely floral scent and it’s perfect to use in summer as it’s really light, totally non-greasy and quick to absorb. It’s great to use under makeup. You don’t need to apply much on your face as it has a lotion-like texture so this should last you for a while. 

Neal's Yard Remedies Rehydrating rose daily moisture mini

I find that Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture lightly moisturises my skin and it’s just perfect if your skin is not dry and does not need much nourishment. I think this would actually be great for those with oily skin type as it’s so light. I found that it does not clog the pores or cause any breakouts so it’s perfect for combination skin as well. 

rose daily moisture texture

If you have dry patches on your face or your skin sometimes feels more on a drier side, then this moisturiser will not be enough and in that case, the best is to use it in conjunction with a good facial oil. When my skin needed it, I used this moisturiser together with Esse Skincare Protect oil.

I love that the Rose Daily Moisture contains a blend of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. Protecting antioxidants help to reduce inflammation and help your skin fight pollution and ageing. Hyaluronic acid, on the other side, helps your skin to keep the moisture in and it’s great for dry skin and prevention of ageing. Although all these ingredients are great, some people may find this cream is not hydrating enough. But if you are looking for something light-weight and non-greasy, this is perfect.

Also worth pointing out, there is a variety of essential oils in this moisturiser and if your skin is sensitive, you better avoid it.

Rehydrating Rose Toner

The second product from the Rehydrating Rose range, Rehydrating Rose Toner, was lovely and I don’t have any complaints about it really.

neal's yard remedies rehydrating rose toner mini

The rose scent is lovely and not too strong and not too weak. After use, my skin feels refreshed and slightly hydrated, ready for serum or moisturiser. 

This toner is suitable for normal and sensitive skin types but I found it great on my combination, breakout-prone skin. The rose essential oil is actually great for acne as it’s anti-septic and anti-inflammatory. It helps to reduce redness and balances the skin.

I didn’t find this toner drying although it does contain alcohol – I am just mentioning this as I know that some people would rather avoid this ingredient.

All in all, Rehydrating Rose Toner is a lovely product and I would definitely consider purchasing a full-size bottle in the future. 

White Tea Facial Mist

I loved using White Tea Facial Mist after the exercise. It would really help to cool my face down, soothe the skin and rehydrate. This is perfect for when you don’t want to apply any moisturisers on your skin but you still want something. The scent is lovely, floral, with organic melissa, bergamot and lavender essential oils.

white tea facial mist - neal's yard remedies

This facial mist can be used on all types of skin and can also be used as a toner for sensitive skin.

The full-size product comes in a 45ml blue bottle so it’s perfect if you want to take it with you when you are on the go (for the gym, for example, or when travelling).

For me, it’s not an essential beauty product to have but it’s a lovely pampering treat for your moment of self-care.

If you want to try some of these minis, unfortunately I cannot find them individually on NYR website but instead, you could check out Rehydrating Rose Skincare Kit to try the whole Rehydrating Rose skincare range and when it comes to White Tea Facial Mist you will have to go with a full-size product.

Have you tried any of these products from Neal’s Yard Remedies? What is your favourite Neal’s Yard product?

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