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By | April 3, 2019

Do the Advantages of Artificial Intelligence Outweigh the Disadvantages?

Unlike the popular thoughts, artificial intelligence is not only about machines taking over the human race. Upon our daily lives, artificial intelligence is dominant in far less apparent ways. From Google maps to SIRI, smart applications, modest email commands and many more; artificial intelligence makes life easier. It is vital to know all about the reasons why you should consider artificial intelligence as well as the risks that it can cause. Make sure to read more in this blog as you will be able to learn a lot about artificial intelligence. The coming on of artificial intelligence and its purposes has progressed rapidly in the past years.

The use of AI by most of the social media sites has brought about obsessive social media culture. With the use of integrated AI in most of the popular sites such as Instagram and Facebook, there has been a harmful addiction to social media. Unhealthy technological obsession is, therefore, one of the risks of AI and it can cause negative health issues such as depression, sleep deficiency and much more.

The use of artificial intelligence has led to a negative environmental impact. The implementation of artificial intelligence has made a very large data footprint. Most experts believe that several weather disturbances and even global warming have been caused by AI. The natural resources has largely been affected by the rate at which data is made and moved around the world. There is a green gadget that is taking strides in decreasing the world’s carbon footprint, check this site to learn more.

However much there are a lot of risks that comes from AI such as malicious hacking, there has been increased efficiency. Many jobs which are monotonous has been replaced by the implementation of artificial intelligence technology. In this way, there as been improved speed, competence as well as a reduced human error within several industries.

There is simplification as a result of the using AI. AI is definitely used so that life can be made unpretentious for the global population. Nearly everything that you are using, AI is here to make things simple, reachable and easy. AI is widely used in the medical field nowadays, and it has done a lot of wonders, unlike the olden days. AI has been used to give perfectly accurate medical diagnostics, precise surgeries and even remote medical operations.
There are so many benefits of artificial intelligence, and you can check out this website for more information. Ensure that you check out this blog on the latest trends of artificial intelligence.