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By | October 24, 2019

Why you Need to Minimize your Gaming Sessions

Video games have become more popular in recent times. There is a large part of the masses playing those games in at least one of their devices. Gaming will, however, bring with it certain negative consequences to your health. This is visible through neuropathy, where you get a tingling sensation in your hands or feet after gaming for a while. Those who know little about this condition can find out more here about it.
The central nervous system has the brain and spinal cord. The body also has the peripheral nervous system, which is the network of nerves that covers your whole body. Peripheral neuropathy is experienced when there is an issue in the peripheral nervous system. The condition shows itself as severe pain, numbness or lack of feeling in the affected region. Neuropathy leads to some common conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. The carpal tunnel syndrome affects a single nerve.
You may not readily know you have nerve damage in its onset. Its presentation as an itch will make you easily dismiss it. Over time, you become increasingly uncomfortable. The signs show themselves in different ways. Some people report numbness, while others report severe and jolting pain. The symptoms get worse at night. You will find your affected fingers becoming harder to move as normal. You can also feel muscle weakness. Those who feel pain will have a problem with their coordination.
Carpal tunnel is a type of neuropathy that comes about as a result of prolonged and repetitive use of your fingers on a gamepad. the nerves will get damaged since you pinch or weaken them. It is also how you risk getting arthritis due to the repetitive and stressful motions. You stand a higher chance of getting neuropathy with age.
The only way to know if you have carpal tunnel syndrome is to get tested by a physician. You can expect they will run several tests, such as tapping on a nave in the wrist to see if you will react in pain or itchiness. You may read more here on what those tests entail.
The most common treatments for early-stage neuropathy include some over the counter anti-inflammatory medication. There is the topical medication you can also apply to the affected areas. You will see results if you have mild carpal tunnel and arthritis. When it gets worse, you will have to go for prescription medication. You need to see a doctor for the right prescription. You also need to take extra precautions at night since that is when it is at its worst. You should invest in wrist splints and ice packs to keep the hand still and deal with the swelling and pain.
You also need to review your gaming activities, to give the nerves a chance to recover. Limiting yourself now is good for your future state. You will discover more helpful tips on this site.