What to do when cats have allergies

By | May 22, 2020

what to do when cats have allergies

Can you tell the symptoms of pollen allergy in your cat? Learn them now and also what you can do to help her deal with this easier! With humans, allergies are a common thing. Everybody knows someone, who suffers from hay fever at some time during the year. It may come as a surprise to many that, cats can also suffer from feline pollen allergies.

If your cat has allergies, our experts have tips to help them survive allergy season without a scratch, sneeze or sniffle. Drew Weigner, a board-certified feline veterinary specialist and owner of The Cat Doctor in Atlanta, notices more clients seeking relief for their feline friends when the high pollen count rises. But he adds that few cats actually suffer from seasonal allergies; they simply sneeze more due to physical irritation from pollen. If you notice excessive sneezing, monitor the allergy forecast in your area and keep cats inside when pollen piles up outside. To reduce the amount of pollen tracked into your home, remove shoes at the door or invest in a thick welcome mat.

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