This Is How Color Theory Can Predict Your Entire Personality

By | November 3, 2020

Do you ever wonder why you are attached to a certain color? Why does this certain shade of purple pull you in, however at the same time, make you feel something? There actually could be a degree of your personality that is attached to it. Color theory or symbolism is the idea that different colors represent different things. However, it can also mean certain shades of those colors also differ drastically in the definition. Your favorite color could actually say a lot about the kind of person you are. If you like more than one color, this color theory may also suggest that you are a combination of those two personalities. We did a deep dive into color theory and what it could mean when it comes to who you are. Keep reading for more!

color theory
Image: Efe Kurnaz via Unsplash

What Color Theory Means For Your Personality

The idea of color theory and symbolism is widely-known, however, we haven’t put a name to the face. The idea that different colors can also represent different emotions and feelings. However, color can also mean that changing your environment can actually change your mood. According to the Astrology Web, your favorite color actually shows what kind of a person you are. There are so many different varieties of colors so much so that even different shades of colors can also mean different things. We outlined the different colors below and also what they mean. What’s your favorite color and what do you think it means and also represents? At the same time, what does it mean?

color theory
Image: Thom Masat via Unsplash

What Do Different Colors Symbolize?

  • Beige: Flexibility, dependability
  • Black: Elegance, power, mystery, evil, death
  • Blue: Stability, loyalty, confidence
  • Brown: Warmth, foundation, wholesomeness, security
  • Burgundy: Sophistication, power, influence
  • Coral: Self-love, creativity, balance
  • Amber: Warmth, positivity, energy
  • Gold: Compassion, courage, magic, wisdom
  • Green: Nature, life, safety, jealousy
  • Grey: Lack of emotions, conservativeness
  • Indigo: Devotion, justice, wisdom
  • Lavender: Youth, vitality
  • Magenta: Compassion, cooperation, self-respect
  • Maroon: Strength, ambition, independence, excitement
  • Orange: Abundance, warmth, determination, success
  • Pink: Love for oneself and others, romance
  • Purple: Luxury, ambition, independence, mystery
  • Red: Romance, sensitivity, leadership, willpower
  • Silver: Glamour, grace, and modern technology
  • Teal: Sophistication, self-sufficiency, communication
  • Turquoise: Emotional balance, friendship, good luck, feminism
  • Violet: Spirituality, imagination, wisdom, luxury
  • White: Innocence, safety, illumination, protection
  • Yellow: Joy, positivity, vigor, remembrance, intellect