‘Neuroprosthesis’ restores words to man with paralysis

Researchers at UC San Francisco have successfully developed a “speech neuroprosthesis” that has enabled a man with severe paralysis to communicate in sentences, translating signals from his brain to the vocal tract directly into words that appear as text on a screen. The achievement, which was developed in collaboration with the first participant of a… Read More »

Republicans divided on controversial drug importation championed by Trump and now Biden

The Republican Party has long been divided in allowing the importation of cheaper prescription drugs from Canada, a policy proposal President Joe Biden revived in a sweeping executive order after the Trump administration’s similar efforts fizzled in 2020. BIDEN AIMS FOR CANADIAN PRESCRIPTION IMPORTS IN NEW DRUG PRICE EXECUTIVE ORDER Biden directed the Food and… Read More »

Up, Please

By KIM BELLARD When I think of elevator operators, I think of health care. Now, it’s not likely that many people think about elevator operators very often, if ever.  Many have probably never seen an elevator operator.  The idea of a uniformed person standing all day in an elevator pushing buttons so that people can… Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Justin Glaze on Katie Thurston’s ‘Bachelorette’ Season

Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette is starting to get to the juicy parts now that everyone who isn’t here for the right reasons got sent TF home! That being said, we’re now down to the final bunch of contestants, meaning that it is definitely time for us to investigate each remaining dude to the… Read More »

How to Safely and Comfortably Flush Your Children’s Sinuses

Occasional sinus infections are common in children and can cause a range of symptoms, from mild discomfort to unbearable pain. The sinuses refer to the “four sets of hollow spaces located in the cheekbones, forehead, between the eyes, and behind the eyes and nasal passages.” If the sinus tissue cannot drain properly, mucus may become… Read More »

Colleges, universities grapple with making vaccines mandatory for students

Breadcrumb Trail Links News Health Canada Canada appears to be hitting a complacency wall, with the lowest uptake being among the university-age demographic, the 18- to 29-year-olds Author of the article: Sharon Kirkey Publishing date: Jul 12, 2021  •  59 minutes ago  •  8 minute read  •  385 Comments Only those fully inoculated against COVID will… Read More »

Providing Excellence: Removing a Complex Hernia with Robotic Surgery

Two surgeries in one day. Thanks to Mission Health’s commitment to bring world-class technology to the people of western North Carolina, 74-year-old Alice McLaughlin, a retired blanket mill worker who lives in Swannanoa and is the caregiver to her 47-year-old son who was paralyzed in a car accident, only spent one night recovering in the… Read More »

There’s no evidence a Covid booster shot is necessary, says Dr. Ashish Jha

There’s no need for Covid booster doses right now, the dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health said Friday, as highly transmissible, new variants test the protections of the available vaccines. “Let me tell you where we are: the data is very clear, if you’ve gotten your two shots of Moderna  or Pfizer  or… Read More »