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Stunning chart reveals the oldest people to ever live – and who held the title longest 

Stunning chart reveals the oldest people to ever live – and who held the title longest Reddit user SportsAnalyticsGuy made a data visualization of the oldest people who have ever lived  His chart reveals only six men have held the title, and most of the oldest people have been white  Each person also gets a… Read More »

Make the Switch to Organic Skincare Now! We Bet Your Skin Will Look and Feel Better Than Ever

As an organic skincare specialist, I often come across questions like Why Organic Skincare?, What is the benefit of switching to an organic skincare routine?, and more. I simply give them the following two reasons to use organic skincare products. – Organic skin care products work better than any other cosmetics and they are better… Read More »

EVER CALM Soothing Stress Relief Supplement Herbal Blend for Anti Anxiety & Increased Serotonin Levels ~ with Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, L-Theanine, St. John’s Wort & B Vitamins by Naturo Nutrition

Do you feel ANXIOUS IN SOCIAL SITUATIONS? Do you long for relief from nervousness, insomnia, lack of mental focus and other symptoms due to stress? Ever Calm is a proprietary anti-anxiety blend formulated with herbs that are scientifically proven to aid in stress reduction. This homeopathic stress reliever features: * ASHWAGANDHA – Found to have… Read More »

Latuda: Worst Side-Effects Ever!

I was shocked to hear all these crazy side effects for this medicine to treat Bipolar depression! Video Rating: / 5 Terrible withdrawal from stopping Luvox (Fluvoxamine) abruptly. Sorry the video got a bit long, I ramble too much. Love to all xox Follow me on Twitter @hazintherain Video Rating: / 5