Healing Anxiety With Herbs

By | July 16, 2015

ativan3By now, most of us know that anxiety is quite a common complaint and many people have tried some of the various medications used for anxiety, including Xanax, Valium and Ativan. But many don’t know that there are a variety of herbs available that contain compounds which affect the pathways which are responsible for anxiety. We should also keep in mind that a significant percentage of the active ingredients in these anti-anxiety medicines were inspired by or extracted from natural resources like plants and herbs. So why not give some of the natural, anti-anxiety sources a try?

Where to start, you ask? One of the best herbs for treating anxiety is Kava. Kava, originally from South America was prepared as a drink and made by the roots of the plant. It was traditionally believed that Kava was excellent to lift one’s spirit and today, research shows that Kava is very fast and effective and it can reduce stress and anxiety level within a week of its intake. It is very popular among women who suffer from post-menopause depression and it is not addictive, and can serve as an effective sedative.

Valerian’s root has also been used as a sedative for years and is something of a proven anti anxiety herbal medicine. Valerian has been used as a tranquilizer and provides a relaxing feeling that reduces anxiety. It is effective and natural, and widely accepted, and helps reduce stress, agitation, tremors and emotional disturbances. Valerian is advantageous if you want to lessen mild to reasonable anxiety or stress during the day and if used at night, leads to prolonged sleep, less time in falling sleep and promotes deeper sleep.

Not just for your kitty at home, Catnip, a member herb of the mint family is also used as an anti-anxiety medication, and for nervousness and sleeplessness. Throughout history, this herb has been used in humans to produce a sedative effect and herbalists have treated other conditions like cancer, toothache and corns with catnip. Catnip is also used to reduce migraine pain as it relaxes muscles and heals minor tissue injuries.

Some of the other best herbs available for treating anxiety, include:

• Ginseng

• Valerian

• Ashwagandha (an Ayurvedic herb)

• Lemon balm

• St. John’s Wort

• Chamomile

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