thekeenone & DJ Starscream (Sid Wilson of Slipknot) – “Legal Drug Addict”

By | January 11, 2016
Produced by DJ Starscream (Sid Wilson) of Slipknot
Video directed by Jon Buch
“Prozac Lexapro Remeron Ativan… Buspar, Lithium, Paxil, Diazepam, Klonopin and Ritalin, time release Effexors. Footballs, Bars, Pink little Celexas.”

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im a legal drug addict society made me all kinds of crazy now they just sedate me they dont wanna deal with anything at all so they hit mewith the xanax and they give me aderol

im a legal drug addict goin to the pharmacy to fill up my prescription
they dont wanna listen
they just wanna medicate and look the other way
so i’m fillin up my bottles and im flyin every day
your kids dont behave? hit em with a little bit of ritalin
give a couple days and they’ll be listenin’
kinda like a christening, a sick rite of passage
get a script written for the shit you be lackin
dont feel like havin conversations
to figure out why your kids are mis behavin
feelin upset depressed you dont hear it
slap on a bandaid and dont get near it
clear it from your mind man jimmy’s doin fine
cant you tell by the way he just rolls his eyes
to the back of his head when he passes out
we sedate what we dont wanna ask about


prozac remeron lexapro ativan buspar lithium paxil diazepam klonopin ritalin time released effexor footballs bars and pink little celexas
your kids know the slang and get to it
many self medicate just to get through it
you only reach out so many times
before you start reachin out for the pharmacy line
now i would be lyin if i said i didnt need some
legitimate causes, legitimate reasons
but all these legions of zombies got me
convinced that its just a plot to stop these
people from peekin behind the curtain
to see what you’re up to a know for certain
you got them to worship the pills in their system
they dont even question the life that they’re missin

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