Sweet Dreams And Sleep Apnea: Sleeping Poses Tell On The Status Of Your Own Kinships, But Do They Show This Sleep Disorder, Too?

By | August 11, 2016

Well, you may not believe this but our sleeping positions can tell so much about the type of people that we are. Are slumbering poses indicatory of sleep apnea? Sleep apnea in all probability is not determined by these slumber postures, but they do say something else.

Seemingly, finicky is one who logs Z’s on the side with one knee bended. The side sleeper resting on his or her arm is affectionate. Sleeping on his or her back with arms supporting the neck implies he or she is highly bright. And slumbering face down all night means one is opinionated.

The style they slumber also narrate something about the relationship of couples: beware of the spoon position as it implies one mate is dominant over the other; bodies that are laced is most familiar for newly weds (those insanely in love with each other!); and a break in a relationship is demonstrated by slumbering far apart (maybe more worrisome than sleep apnea?).

How does one know if he or she has sleep apnea, then? Unsatisfied sleep, snorting, gasping or suffocating in rest, loud snore and excessive perspiration while fast asleep forecast sleep apnea, among others. When wide-awake, some other signs of sleep apnea may also be noticed such as uneasiness, discombobulation and/or dryness in the mouth. And sleep apnea need not be apparent in slumber only, as insomnia and abnormal daytime somnolence are among its symptoms, too.

Now, if sleeping stances do not indicate sleep apnea, can one’s sleeping stance induce it, as well? The response is “no.” Sleep apnea does not appear to be induced by slumbering postures. Obstruction of the air duct by unneeded tissue makes one to suffer from sleep apnea. It may also be induced by jumbo tonsils, a bulky tongue or a particular structure of the jaw.

Slumbering poses divulge the status of your relationship and who you are, although they do not play a role in sleep apnea. Sleep tight!

Just in case you suppose that either you or your spouse has sleep apnea, it is highly advisable that you schedule a consultation with a certified sleep disorder specialist. Doing so will not only help you or your partner have a good night’s sleep, consulting with a doctor can also save your life.

If you have persistent problems with snoring get the best treatment from the expert. Sleep apnea can be cured once and for all, too.

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