It Doesn’t Help To Know The Cause For Anxiety Disorder

By | September 23, 2016

Anxiety is a very popular word today. Many people suffer from anxiety in varying degrees. There are large numbers of people who feel normal a fair percentage of the time, but on occasion, they experience attacks of anxiety or panic. During these attacks, their lives change in many ways. They cannot function as they normally do and they experience physical sensations which range from uncomfortable to extremely frightening.

It is normal to experience nervousness. Everybody becomes nervous from time to time. A person experiencing anxiety problems will also become nervous from time to time. The problem is, instead of spells of mild nervousness, the anxiety sufferer’s nervousness is greatly exaggerated.

Nervousness to the Nth Degree

The amount of adrenaline which has been secreted into a person’s blood will usually define whether he or she is experiencing a small amount of nervousness or panic and anxiety.

We all know how regular nervousness makes us feel. However, while these feelings may not be comfortable, they are usually tolerable. Unlike ordinary nervousness, the large amounts of adrenaline secreted into the bloodstream during a panic attack, causes feelings the anxiety sufferer often describes as terrifying!

Anxiety is Physical, Not Mental

Bouts of anxiety can also cause the sufferer to experience changes in vision. This of course, can be very disconcerting. It may appear to him or her as if some inanimate object has actually moved. This will typically make the sufferer think he or she is experiencing mental problems.

If misery loves company, anxiety sufferers will rejoice knowing there are millions of other people who have experienced panic attacks on many occasions. For some reason however, most peope who experience panic seem to think it is a very rare condition. It is not.

The Cause in Unimportant

To the sufferer, the cause of the anxiety is not important. What is important is finding freedom from it. There are so many reasons for anxiety disorder that there are too many to mention. However, people do not wish anxiety disorder on themselves. So people suffering from anxiety disorder are not to blame for having it.

Make sure you are clear about the fact anxiety is not a form of mental illness. It is a nervous system run amok. There is no reason to dig deeply into your past to try to find something someone may have said or done to you when you were a kid. Anxiety is all about the physical functioning of your nervous system. When your nervous system returns to normal, there will be no more anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorder is overcome all the time. In some cases, there are several steps to recovery. However, the first step is always the same. That step is to accept whatever horrific and uncomfortable feelings anxiety and panic can send your way. Just make up your mind you will actually give in to anxiety’s feelings. By doing this you will not be strengthening your anxiety. It is normal to try to fight or run away from anxiety and this actually strengthens it. So, though giving into anxiety may not be all there is to a complete recovery, many have used this technique with great success.

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