Different Forms of Anxiety Treatment For You

By | October 21, 2016

Anxiety can be treated by taking medicines or therapy. The first step in getting any type of help is realizing you’ve got an anxiety disorder. If you’ve ever found yourself excessively tense, edgy or irritable inside a store or in general you may actually have anxiety. A few other symptoms are muscle tension, headaches, constantly tired, frequent urination, sweating or trembling.

If you go inside a store and the slightest noise makes you jump, or even if you can’t make it through an entire store without breaking out in the sweats, these are two signs that you could have anxiety and need to be seen by a doctor. Other disorders that you may have are OCD, depression, panic disorders, drug abuse and other phobias.

A person that sees a therapist may only have a slight disorder that can be treated within a few sessions. Or a person may need psychotherapy which involves getting help from a true mental health provider that actually sits down and listens to your fears. This will help them in knowing how to treat you. After a while a therapist should be able to tell you the triggers that set your anxiety off and how you can change it in a more positive way.

Anxiety may actually stem from something that happened in your own childhood or teen years, some don’t get it until they are an adult and have something happen. Yet, there are still a few that develop it by shutting themselves in, watching the news and not socializing with others. A doctor is the best person to go to if you can’t seem to shake anxiety, he/she may prescribe you anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication.

Medications that a doctor may prescribe to you are the following:

Benzodiazepines- used for anxiety as a muscle relaxer
Xanax- approved by the FDA in 1981 for Generalized anxiety
BuSpar- must take two per day
Valuium- anti-anxiety (generalized anxiety disorder) used since 1963
Librium- in the same family as benzodiazepines and used for short-term relief
Paxil- came into use around 1992, used as an antidepressant
Effexor- began being used in 1993 for antidepressant and was just released under generic names in 2008.

Some of these medications you may have heard of while others are new and just starting to hit the shelves. However, if a doctor recommends them they are probably safe to take, but if you ever have questions make sure to ask them. A doctor has no clue about what goes through your mind unless you ask. Please be aware that when taking some anxiety medications you may be overcome with sleepiness or sexual problems. This is a common issue, but if you are at all worried by it talk it over with your doctor. Keep in mind the above medications should only be taken if and only if a doctor prescribes them for you. Do not take them from a friend/family/stranger that offers them to you.

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